Christmas Getting Out of Prison

I like to think myself as seeing people as they truly are, looking beyond labels. ThisĀ morningĀ I realized just how shallow I can be.

I first heard about Sam a few months ago. He is one of my neighbor’s brothers and she told me he was getting out of prison just before Christmas. At the time I didn’t give it much thought, just conversation. She was excited she would finally get to see him again. I was happy for her, ’cause I’m such a caring, compassionate guy.

Today she was coming up the stairs while I was on the balcony, Sam was behind her. She introduced us. I remembered the conversation from months ago and realized he had just gotten out after an 18 year stint.

We talked for the next hour or so. About his plans. About how his life had changed in the time he was “away.” He was smart, articulate, positive. He owned his choices and was quick to point out life had been more than fair to him. He paid the price for the choices he had made and he believed he would also pay the price or reap the reward for the choices he is making now.

He’s a guy I could hang out with and have a good time.

But here’s what it showed me about myself I didn’t like. When I went back into Area 51 after our talk, I was surprised by him. Without me even realizing it, I had in my own mind a “picture” of what an 18 year ex-con would be like. Seeing himself as a victim. Unintelligent. Negative. Angry at what the world had thrown at him.

It made me wonder how many other “categories” of people I dismiss without realizing they are “people” not just a category. Political affiliation. Religion or lack thereof. Skin color. Geography. Socioeconomic status. Job.

In 2017 I’m going to attempt to see more “people” and less “category.” That might be the best Christmas gift I could receive. Thanks Sam.









Woman thinking rationally

It is rational to love first, everyone you meet.

It is rational to listen and actually hear someone’s heart and words.

It is rational to accept people exactly where they are.

Most would generally agree.


It is rational to love yourself, no matter what.

It is rational to listen and actually hear your own heart and words.

It is rational to accept yourself exactly where you are.

I wonder how many agree?

What if it’s all true?


What if it were all true?

Not your fears but your hopes?

Not your nightmares but your dreams?

What if that thing you fear to do gave you no more fear?

What if the people you want to love would return the love?

How would you live?

How would you love?