Call In Radio Show


I’m going to be on a radio show this evening (in about 1/2 an hour – 6pm Eastern) and if you want to listen in or call in you can:

The topic is “Separation of Church and State.” Love for people of faith and no faith to call in.





Atheists are a misunderstood bunch, at least in the US.

Most readily accept Christians are a varied group, from Westboro Baptists to Popes we like to Billy Graham to Timothy McVeigh, but atheists are seemingly treated as homogeneous, amoral denizens.

The reality is far more varied.

Some are militant, some are evangelistic, some are egotists. Most are simply people, with children and jobs and bills and morals.

They reject God or Allah or Vishnu the same way others reject Zeus or Athena or Ares.

Part of the problem is they are just regular people. Like regular people they seek to fill their ego needs the same way all people do. They may take inappropriate pride in having no faith as if they makes them smarter than everyone else – in the same way some people of faith do. Being an atheist does not necessarily mean someone is smarter than someone who has faith.

They may use their lack of belief to act like an asshole, the same way a person of faith may use their faith to act like an asshole.

But atheists are just people who might reject some of the things you believe. They can still love you, accept you and be your friend or even your family. They are no less human, no more evil, no less moral than anyone you know. As a group. Again, anyone of any persuasion can be a dick.

If we are all human, we have a responsibility to care about one another. That transcends belief or non-belief.