I Like Me Best When I’m With You

Happy Couple

Years ago I was listening to a talk by Dr. Denis Waitley. He said something life changing. He wanted to be the kind of person others would say “I like me best when I’m with you.”

I grew up in a world where the significant people in my life were good at finding the faults, trying to create a perfect man.

As an adult, I wanted to be an encourager.

I set out to see the best in others and reflect back the best them, not the flaws. We all have flaws and others can be responsible to point them out. I wanted to be the one who sees the best and communicates it.

Others have commented on it. It’s my most treasured complement: “You always see the best.” I’ve had more hits than misses.

But there has been a powerfully positive unintended consequence: People often reflect positive things back to me. In finding the best in others, I found the best in me.




Woman thinking rationally

It is rational to love first, everyone you meet.

It is rational to listen and actually hear someone’s heart and words.

It is rational to accept people exactly where they are.

Most would generally agree.


It is rational to love yourself, no matter what.

It is rational to listen and actually hear your own heart and words.

It is rational to accept yourself exactly where you are.

I wonder how many agree?

The War


The war raged on for decades.

Body against mind and will.

She refused to give up.

She was strong and stubborn.

The body fought without regard.

Sieging her mind.

Attempting to deprive of sustenance.

Of ration.

He could not participate.

He had no access to the field.

From a distance he comforted.

Advised as best he could.

But she was her own commander.

She could only fight on her terms.

She could only fight with her tactics.

The battles lately had gone poorly.

But he knew.

She would rally.

She would fight.

She would win.



I need you to stroke my flaccid ego. Too often of late I’ve had to do it myself and it is, well, less fulfilling. Too temporary. Lacking the joy and intensity of a true passionate night of rolling in the sheets of my soul.

I long for you to come and touch my ego the way only you know how to do. To let me feel the warmth of your encouragement wrap it’s warm palm around me. To lose myself in your comments. You always know exactly where to touch.


Inspired by some kind encouragement from Amelia