Atheists: Don’t Be an Ass – How to Talk to Christians

Atheists: How to Talk to Christians

Most of my friends are Christians at one level or another.

As an atheist I often see discussions between atheists and Christians where each are trying to persuade the other there way of thinking is correct. Typically this devolves into alienation, ad hominem and anger.

Last night I was interviewed by Larry Rhodes on the Free Thought Radio Hour about this topic and I lined out some ways atheists can talk to Christians in civil and mutually beneficial ways. We even had an interesting Christian caller who demonstrated this technique perfectly.

If you would like to listen in, click the link below (it’s an mp3 of the show). You can write click to download or click and it will open in a new tab to listen:

Click Here to Listen or Download

Feel free to leave your comments, questions and rants below. I’m happy to learn from you.



The Party

Father and Son

I sit here, fighting the eternal “should” debate.

Labor Day weekend here in the US and I planned a full weekend. Friday night was Fleetwood Mac (well, a reasonably good cover band), then to Chattanooga yesterday to meet Waco‘s family, then a party to watch fireworks tonight.

Today I slept in, lacked the motivation to do much and took a nap. It was nice to have a day where there were no deadlines, emails and expectations. I eventually ate a sausage wrapped in a tortilla.

The party tonight would be good for me. Smiles and hugs and music and fireworks. Meet some new people. I’m responsible for buns and dessert. I’m thinking cheesecake.

I should go.

But my mind is screaming with indiscernible words.

Something is there. A festering boil of thoughts. Just out of reach.

Last night I spent with Waco’s wonderful, all fully grown, children and their significants. It was fun and amazing and reminded me how much I miss my own. Driving home on a mostly deserted I75 last night a sadness overcame me. My son responded to me this past week, but things are far from good.

No closure. No embrace. Just a few millimeters closer.

I want to cry and I don’t know how.

I should go. I will go.