Resurrection 63

This is a chapter of the book I am writing for NaNoWriMo. If you want to read it from the start, click here for the chapter index.

A Second Chance

Sunday afternoon Tab scanned the websites of the Lexington Herald-Leader and television stations. In Cincinnati he couldn’t get the Lexington television channels, but they all have constantly updated websites – and the shooting of a cop, even in Silerville, was going to be a top new item.

He saw it first, on the front page of the Herald-Leader website: “Police Officer Killed in Silerville.”

A Silerville Police Department officer was found shot to death early Sunday morning in Silerville, while sitting in his police cruiser. Ofc. Daniel Canada was a native of Silverville a graduate of the Law Enforcement Academy at Eastern Kentucky University and had been an officer there for seven years.

The Silerville PD is not releasing any official information about the investigation, but sources close to the investigation have said a local minister, Rev. John Reeves, also a Silerville native, has been taken in for questioning.

Check back here for more updates as they become available.

“Well, shit, I didn’t see that coming.” Said Tab out loud.

So they thought Reeves had something to do with it. That could be good, it could be bad. If he made bail, then meant he wouldn’t have any protection and would be an easier target. If they denied bail, or he couldn’t make bail, then he didn’t have any way to get to him inside the White County Jail. He could get to someone at Blackburn or Little Sandy or one of the other state facilities, but he didn’t have someone he could access at every county jail in Kentucky.

If they did keep him, then his only shot would be during transport to a court date or a transfer. That wasn’t a good plan. The jail and courthouse are across the street from each other. Even with that, they chain all the prisoners together and take them in a van. There would be police everywhere.

He’d have to hope he made bail.

He decided to put that plan on the back burner and started looking to see if they had found that slut’s body yet.

Further down the Herald-Leader had a blurb on her as well.

Body of a Woman Found at Laurel Dam

The body of a Silerville woman was discovered at Laurel Dam outside Corbin Saturday morning. The KBI is investigating and has yet to release name or details pending the notification of next of kin.

Check back here for more updates as they become available.

“Well, they found her pretty quick. Must not have gone all the way to the water. That’s two for three. Let’s see if they are batting 1.000.”

Tab scanned all the Herald-Leader articles as well as the television sites to see if there was a mention of the third murder. He couldn’t find a mention. That didn’t mean they hadn’t found the body, he knew, but it hadn’t made it into the press. Heck, if he was driving Reeve’s vehicle, they might just think he killed all three. Unlikely, but Tab was feeling lucky.

Tab shut down his laptop and considered the possibilities.

Most likely Reeves was questioned because it happened right in front of his place. That makes sense. Small towns gossip and it probably was just gossip getting out of hand. When he thought about it realistically, it was more likely Reeves was taken into protective custody and somebody saw him being taken in. But “a source close to the investigation” said so. Don’t want to read too much into that, but it’s promising. We’ll have to see how things develop.

The cops would be almost positive the body on the mountain and the cop were both killed by the same person. The kills were too clean and too close together to be coincidence. They would eventually get ballistics back and know it was the same gun.

“Hell, if they suspect Reeves, I’m kinda sorry I dumped it,” mused Tab. “I could have planted it somewhere incriminating for him.”

They wouldn’t have any evidence tying those killings to the whore, but police are dumb, but not that dumb. They’d probably figure they were somehow connected. Three people, all from Silerville, being murdered in a weekend seemed pretty unlikely, even to a dumb cop.

Tab then thought about what other evidence they might have.

The kill on the mountain was clean. He had collected his brass and there was no way anyone saw him. Even if someone saw him turn up the access road, they saw a car he would dispose of tomorrow.

The cop was a little more iffy. Someone could have seen the car. They could have even seen him exit the vehicle. Even at that, they would only have a description of a big guy in black, a missing Buick and no leads.

Even though he had some “intimate” contact with the slut from Friday night, there really wasn’t anything to connect him there either. She hadn’t scratched him, he used a condom and he kept himself clean shaven everywhere. Shouldn’t be any DNA they can recover and he isn’t in any database anyway.

He would sit tight, get rid of the car and get another, while he saw how things developed in Silerville. He actually was looking forward to taking a day, sleeping in his own bed. He had been working hard.


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  1. ron877 says:

    Yep, it is hard work being a death machine.

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