Resurrection 59

This is a chapter of the book I am writing for NaNoWriMo. If you want to read it from the start, click here for the chapter index.


It was a full month before Dick Langford confided in his son he was dying. He had gotten a second and third opinion. He had lost another 10 pounds. Dick called Jon into his office and gave him an almost clinical checklist: Cancer, pancreas, 3 months, maybe more, maybe less. Dick was unemotional.

Jon appeared unemotional as well. Before the events of the past few weeks, he would have been happy to hear the news. He had been ready for some time for his father to go so he could run things completely his way. Now he was seeing it as a race. Mr. Black had to get this job done, and done now. If his father died while his two bastards were still alive, it would cost Jon millions.

“Dad, I’m sorry.” Jon normally called him “Dick”. They had worked together long and Jon had to refer to him by name to their subordinates. It was habit. Being called “Dad” caught Dick a bit off guard.

“Well, Jon, we both knew I wasn’t going to live forever.”

“Dad, what can we do. There has to be a treatment, some way to deal with this.”

“Jon, I’ve had three of the top oncologists look at me. I can’t fight my way out of this one. Just accept it and move on.”

With that, the meeting was over. Jon was dismissed and business went on as usual. No hugs, no emotion.”

Jon left the room panicked, though he had learned long ago to not let that show. He went into the bathroom and pressed his hand against his chest to slow his heart and breathing. He tried to think rational thoughts to alleviate his fears.

“OK, Mr. Black said he will have this matter dealt with in two weeks or less,” thought Jon. “Mr. Black has always been trustworthy and completed his assignments on time and without issue. He’s fully competent and it’s in his hands. This will be dealt with long before Dick dies.”

But the thoughts didn’t calm him.

Involuntary emotion is a funny thing. It’s not rational. It comes from places deep inside we don’t know even exist. As much as Jon wanted to take over the company, do things his way, something was eating at him. His eyes began to tear. He and his father had worked together for many years. Even though he would never say they words, he loved him. He admired the work he had done.

They were never open about their emotions, but he felt his father’s trust, even respect. It meant a great deal to him.

Jon wasn’t ready for his father, his dad, to die. He leaned on the counter and sobbed.

It took Jon fifteen minutes to pull himself together. When he left the bathroom and walked by Martha’s desk, he was careful not to look her way, to let her see he’d been crying.

He got out to his Bentley and his driver opened the door. He got in and road back to the Langford Building and his office. He cancelled his appointments the rest of the day.



4 Comments on “Resurrection 59”

  1. Yeah, even when we don’t think we care, we do…

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  2. ron877 says:

    Still, despite the involuntary emotion, Jon is the son I’m glad I never had.

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