Resurrection 52

This is a chapter of the book I am writing for NaNoWriMo. If you want to read it from the start, click here for the chapter index.

The Gun

As soon as Tab knew the identities of his targets, he put out word he would be interested in any information about them. When it got back to him through backchannels that Ricky Farmer was looking for buy an untraceable gun, he used that against him.

Ricky was ready to move ahead with his plan. He had the identity in place, down to a driver’s license, credit cards and bank accounts. Now all he needed was the gun and he was ready to move.

Farmer was sharp, but inexperienced. He had put word out around some seedy bars in Lexington he was looking for a gun and left his current cell number. Tab texted him from one of his own burners.

“I understand you’re shopping for some equipment.”

Ricky had gotten back to him immediately. Tab asked him if he had the money. It would cost him $5,000.00 for the “equipment.” Ricky replied he expected to have the money soon and could meet him to look at the equipment and choose one for himself. He would text Tab when he had the money in hand.

Now it was time to implement his plan. His next Knoxville to Cincinnati run, Ricky wouldn’t ever make it to Cincinnati. He’d take the money, get a gun, take care of the preacher and begin living his new life in with Kat in Florida. The worst that could happen is people will think the preacher ran off with a stripper. It’s happened before.

A few days later, the message arrived. He was to make a pickup in Knoxville the next evening at 7pm. Ricky texted Tab and asked if they could meet. Tab, already being in Corbin, but not wanting to meet there, suggested a spot he had already considered as a body dump, Bonhollow Park in Silerville. It was secluded and on a mostly deserted road. They would meet at 9pm.

“Perfect” thought Ricky, I can meet him, do what I have to do, and be on my way.

“Perfect,” thought Tab. This idiot is going to come to me.

That morning Ricky told Kat to pack her things. “Not much, we can get new in Florida. Just things you can’t live without.”

Kat was excited, “You mean today? Oh, Honey, I’m so excited.”

“Today is the day. Take your car down to Corbin, I’ll meet you around 8:30 tonight at the McDonald’s at Exit 25. I’m going to take your car for a couple hours while you wait. I have a last bit of business in Silerville, but I should be back by 11. If not don’t worry, wait for me. I might get tied up. But I’ll be there.” Ricky was excited too, though he dreaded what he needed to do in Silerville after he got the gun.

Ricky made his pickup as planned. He was hoping the package would be a bit larger than normal, but that wasn’t the case. Still he figured it was at least $400,000.00. He watched the cars in his rearview as he drove, making sure they weren’t tailing him. He saw no car twice. When he got to Corbin’s Exit 25, he exited and went straight into the McDonald’s lot.

He had to work quickly. If they were using GPS, they could be following at a distance. He figured he had only a couple minutes. He took out his pocket knife and cut through the tape on the box.

Inside he found just what he wanted. Piles of neatly stacked $100 bills. He turned the box over and dumped it into the oversized gym bag he had brought. The last thing to drop out was an electronic box, probably a GPS. His heart ran cold.

“I expected this,” he said to himself.

Ricky jumped when Kat came up behind him. “Did you get it?” She asked hopefully.

“Yeah, get back inside and keep an eye on the truck. I suspect someone will be by here looking for it. You’ll be safe inside.”

He dropped the GPS back into the truck’s seat and locked the doors. He took the bag and hurried over to Kat’s car while she jogged back inside. He was only gone a minute when she saw a grey SUV pull up next to the truck and two men hurriedly exit. They looked through the window then ran into the McDonald’s.

Not seeing Ricky, they exited the McDonald’s again. One of them got on his phone as they ran back to their SUV. He jumped in and tore up 25W toward Corbin, the other stayed behind with the truck.

A half hour later the SUV was back. The man who had been waiting got in, then they slowly moved into the adjoining lot at Dino’s. They parked where they could obviously see the truck.

Kat’s own preservation instinct began to kick in. She figured the men would likely be there when Ricky returned. Ricky had given her a burner number she could use in emergencies, this seemed the right time.

“Ricky, there are men here watching the truck.” She told him when he answered. “If you come back here they’ll see you.”

“OK, well then you’ll need to walk somewhere else. Someplace out of their site. Let me know where you end up and I’ll meet you there. I’m almost to Silerville now.” Ricky disconnected.

Kat looked around at possible places she could walk to where it would be unlikely the men would see Ricky when he picked her up. She exited the side rear door of the McDonald’s and walked over to the Holiday Inn adjacent. She smoked outside the doors as she surveyed possible routes of escape.

She decided she could walk up the access road to Tri-County Cinema, then cross there to the Hospital on the other side of 25W. She would be out of site most of the way and Ricky could easily get in and out of the hospital lot without being seen. She put out her cigarette and walked toward the theater.


4 Comments on “Resurrection 52”

  1. ron877 says:

    Not to be the grammar maven, but

    “Someplace out of their site.”
    “She would be out of site most of the way”

    “Site” probably should be “sight.” Although some could correctly claim meaning for “site” as in place, the phrasing in the sentence would be different.

    Liked by 1 person

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