Resurrection 47

This is a chapter of the book I am writing for NaNoWriMo. If you want to read it from the start, click here for the chapter index.


Once the girls had finished watching Frozen, Rachel got up from the couch saying, “OK, girls, it’s time for bed!”

“Aw, Mom,” whined Taylor, “do we gotta?”

“Yes, now you both go brush your teeth and get in bed. Daddy and I will be up to tuck you in a minute.”

The girls dejectedly marched out of the room. They may pout a bit, but they always did what their parents told them.

Rachel and Tom gathered the glasses and took them to the kitchen. “This gives me so much joy,” he told Rachel as she loaded the dishwasher. When she straightened up again, he grabbed her and said, “so does this,” planting a passionate kiss on her lips.

“Why, Doctor, are you trying to be fresh me with?” She joked. “C’mon, let’s tuck in the girls before they figure out some way to stay up.”

“‘Night, Maddy.” said Tom, kissing her puckered lips,”What are you going to dream about tonight?” Maddy always decided what she would dream about before she closed her eyes.

“Cinnamon,” she smiled.

“OK, well you dream about Cinnamon. I love you Maddy Cakes.” He bent over and kissed her again, walking out just as Rachel entered the room.

Tom always tucked in Taylor last. She had requested that starting several years ago, though Tom didn’t really know why. The truth was Tom was Taylor’s world. She loved him. She respected him. Even at eleven she knew he was a good man, a man who everyone knew, everyone respected. She wanted to be just like him someday.

Tay was sitting up in bed when Tom walked in. “OK, Tay, time to lay down and go to sleep.”

She laid down and Tom covered her with her thick quilt.

“Daddy,” Taylor asked, “what is it like to be a doctor?”

“Well, hon, I get to see people and make them feel better when they’re sick, and sometimes I get to help them to never get sick in the first place. It allows me to care about and help lots and lots of good people.”

“Do you think I can be a doctor some day?”

“Of course you can, honey, you can be anything you want to be.” It made Tom proud his daughter wanted to be a doctor. Maybe someday they’ll call her “Little Doc.”

“Now, close your eyes and go to bed.” He kissed her. “I love you so much, Tay.”

“I love you too, Daddy.”

As Tom got to the door, he shut off the light and added “sleep tight, don’t let the…”

“…BED BUGS BITE!” Finished Taylor, giggling.

When Tom got into his own bedroom, Rachel was already changed and in bed. She had just picked up a book to read. As Tom changed, he talked to her.

“Rach, how do you feel about getting several acres and maybe a couple horses?”

“Has Maddy convinced you that easily?” She replied.

“Well, I guess. I want them both to have what they want in life. Plus it would be fun. The girls could learn how to take care of them, we could take rides together.”

“OK, Farmer Sibley, I’ll think about it. Seems like a lot of work and expense. But the girls would love it. I would too, I think. Not sure about cleaning the stalls.”

Tom crawled in bed and moved his body on top of hers. “You already deal with my bull shit, how bad can it be?”

“Good point,” she said as he kissed her deeply again. The events of the week had made them feel especially close, realizing how easily you can lose the one you love.

“Doc, I think I need a check up.” Rachel said coyly.

“Tell me where it hurts and I’ll kiss it and make it better.”




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  1. ron877 says:

    Playing Doctor, thank goodness I never grew out of it.

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