NaNaWriMo Diary – 26

50,000 Words!

I just completed 50,000 words. According to my Google Docs, my word count is 50,211 of completed draft. I have more snippets I’ve written that are parts of upcoming chapters. NaNo’s official counter says I have 49,901, so I will have to write another chapter before I can claim my “official” win.

This has been a powerfully good experience though I did not expect it to be so.

Before I began, I sorta loathed the idea of NaNo. My thought was “you can write quickly or you can write well.” I imagined the words coming out of NaNo would be quantity but would never be quality. That’s one of the reasons I had never pursued it.

Because Meg begged and pleaded with me to do it, I tried. She is a nag when she doesn’t get her way.

What I found was I was kinda right. My words are not great. The big difference, though, is I now see the power of getting a story out there and done. The rewrites won’t be difficult and it is the story, more than the language, you have to get down first.

I also thought there was no way I could ever write enough to get 50,000 words done in 30 days time. Again, I was surprised. I found I was able to do light research and write what I believe to be an interesting story in less time than I imagined and I actually enjoyed it.

Now, we’ll see what happens. I still have people to kill and words to write about the people I kill. Diane wants me to save the baby, but I am thinking about killing the baby just to make her mad.


31 Comments on “NaNaWriMo Diary – 26”

  1. ron877 says:

    Congratulations on the 100 word short point. I am sure you could do this in your sleep.
    I don’t know Diane, but killing the baby seems a bit over the top a reaction (kidding). Maybe you can create another in a NSFW scene.

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    • Surprisingly, Ron, I got up this morning and no more writing had occurred.

      And I’ve threatened to start writing erotica to make money on fiction, no one seems to encourage me there though.

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      • ron877 says:

        IMHO erotica is harder to write (no pun intended). There are too many boring hacks out there (my apologies to computer hackers and serial axe murderers). They have polluted the market with naughty vocabulary vomit.

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      • The sex scene(s) I’m putting in this are somewhat graphic but I’m trying to not make them pornographic. The feedback I’ve gotten on that has been good.

        I might enjoy writing erotica if it were in the context of an actual plot. It’s actually pretty lucrative.


  2. Meg Sorick says:

    Awesome! Congratulations! I’m not a nag! A whiner maybe…

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  3. Some days I don’t even like you! You better not kill off that baby đŸ˜¦

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