Resurrection 41

This is a chapter of the book I am writing for NaNoWriMo. If you want to read it from the start, click here for the chapter index.

JUST A WARNING: This chapter contains descriptions of sex and violence. Don’t read if that’s going to bother you.

I’m possibly going to do a major rewrite on this chapter to make it less graphic. I wasn’t sure how to tell the story without the graphic content. Maybe I’ll figure out a way to make it believable but not graphic.

The Dam

When Tab had arrived at the abandoned store on 25W at Bee Creek, he had parked his Buick out of sight behind the store. It couldn’t be seen from other 25W or Bee Creek. He needed it to be invisible from both.

After he called Polly and knew she was on her way, he walked back to the Buick and retrieved the zip ties. He took one, closed it into a 10″ loop, then threaded through another, doing the same. Instant handcuffs if he needed them. He folded them together and placed them in his ample jacket pocket. On a big man, the pockets are larger.

He also grabbed from under the front seat a flask of Absolute he kept there for just such occasions. Tab didn’t drink much, but women became more pliable after a few swigs. He wanted Polly to be pliable. He wouldn’t have much time to get her where he wanted her and take care of the pleasure as well as the business. He slipped that into his back pocket.

He smoked a Camel, careful to keep the smoke away from his clothes, popped a tick-tack and walked to the front of the store. He didn’t have to wait long until he saw the lights of the Mustang approach. It was still light, and even in his black outfit, Polly could clearly see his hulk outlined against the pale blue of the store.

Polly pulled off and drove 10 feet or so past “John.” As soon as Polly stopped, she popped out of the Mustang. She wanted him to get the full length view first, walking toward him. Tab enjoyed the view. Nice legs, nice hips, full breasts. It was better than what he had seen earlier.

Tab had a standard procedure for seducing women. Upon first meeting them, he immediately put his hands on their hips and kissed them on the cheek. It breaks down the physical barrier and it seems the thing a gentleman would do. It seems to the woman it was probably the way he always greeted women. Later, because he’s already kissed them on the cheek, they are more likely to allow him to advance.

When Polly walked up, he advanced, put his hands on her hips and kissed her on the cheek. Then he pulled back, with his hands still on her hips, and said, “You’re hella cute.”

Polly was surprised, pleasantly so, by his forwardness and comment. “Thank you!” He followed her as they both walked the few feet back to the Mustang. He pushed ahead and opened the door for her. Men are rarely well mannered today and women notice, Polly noticed. As she slid into the car her skirt naturally crawled up a bit and he got a nice view of her inner thigh. She lingered a bit, supposedly fumbling for the ignition. She was definitely planning how this night would end.

Tab smiled to himself as he thought about how wrong she was.

She found the ignition, pulled her shapely left leg back into the car, and Tab closed the door. Going around to his side, he folded himself into the low riding passenger seat. Tab knew how to make a woman feel sexy with a look. He looked over at her, and gave her the hungry look he had perfected over the years. He let out a soft, guttural  “hmmmm”. Polly, pretending her skirt was too snug to allow her to drive, hiked it up a few inches to drive. She had perfected her seductive techniques as well.

“You ready?” She asked.

“Can I ask you a question?” Tab asked.


“How far is it from here to the lake?” He already knew the dam and spillway were just four miles down Bee Creek. You can easily drive from the store to there in 7 minutes.

“It’s just now 7, and I was thinking,” Tab continued, “It might be nice to see the lake at sunset. And, I brought a little refreshment…” Tab produced the flask.

This was a calculated risk. If she was feeling intimidated, she might be hesitant. At the same time, she had made it clear she intended to sleep with him and the idea of a “romantic sunset” he was pretty sure would seem seductive to a woman like Polly. A woman who saw love in flowery terms. Heck, he figured, she probably reads romance novels and erotica to get off.

What Tab didn’t know was Polly had been to the lake many times before. She enjoyed sex outdoors, in public. The idea of someone possibly catching her made the sex that much more exciting. If a man couldn’t wait, if he wanted her so badly he had to take her right then, that was even better. She had experienced sex at the pavilion at the lake dozens of times before. It was one of her favorite “public” places to screw, possible to get caught, but not much traffic. Just right.

Polly took the bait. “Sounds like fun!” She put the Mustang in gear and peeled out, turning down Bee Creek.

“You never told me what you sell, John.” Inquired Polly.

“After looking at you in that dress, I’m not sure I remember any more.” Tab was putting it on thick.

Polly smiled and blushed a bit. “Seriously, what is it you sell that takes you all over the place, even places like Corbin?”

“I sell carpet wholesale. I work for Cavalier. It’s a New Zealand carpet manufacturer who is now expanding into the US. I’m in charge of developing a book of business in Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee. I have appointments to see stores in both Knoxville and Lexington next week, so Corbin seemed a good spot to stay as I drove back and forth. The following week I’ll be in Ohio: Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus…all the bigger towns.”

“Family?” Polly inquired. She had noticed at the gas station he wasn’t wearing a ring, but she wondered what his response might be. Tab was glad she was leading the conversation. She felt in control.

“None. Never married, no kids. My older brother married and it was terrible. I decided a long time ago it wasn’t for me. Maybe I just haven’t met the right woman. Or is your plan to marry me tonight?”

“Ha, maybe…let’s see how dinner goes first. Did you bring me a ring?”

“Sure, picked it up this afternoon. 3 carat big enough?”

“Hmmm, I don’t know, I’m pretty special.”

“Yes, Polly, yes you are.”

When they arrived at the dam and lake, Polly parked the Mustang next to the pavilion. It had steps walking up and gave a great view of the lake. Tab was happy there was no one around. It was still light as they climbed the stairs. Ever the gentleman, Tab allowed Polly to go first.

Polly felt comfortable with “John.” The flirtatious small talk had been fun, flattering and sexy. He was a big guy, but nothing in his words or manner gave her any apprehension.

The sunset looked beautiful from the pavilion. Tab moved close to Polly and put his arm around her waist, resting it on her hip. “This is beautiful,” he said.

Polly was enjoying the big man’s hand resting at the top of her hip. He was touching her softly, caressing her side with his thumb.

“It is.” Said Polly, feeling lost in the moment.

Tab pulled out the flask again. Polly might be impulsive, but she would still likely to be wary of drinking from a flask he brought. He took two drinks to assuage her fears, then he offered it to Polly.  Polly seeing him drink first, took the flask in her hand.

She smelled the open neck. “What is it?”

“Just some vodka. If you don’t want it, that’s fine. I don’t need to drink either.” Reassured Tab.

“Oh, no, vodka is great,” said Polly, taking a shot.

They stood there talking for a bit, just small talk. Places he’d been, the beauty of Eastern Kentucky. What Silerville was like. Tab moved his hand down further on her hip, looking for signs of resistance. He got none. He could feel the pattern of her lace panties through the sheer lycra of her dress. They continued to share the flask.

After 15 minutes of small talk and vodka, where Polly actually drank more than Tab, he moved his free arm across her body. Grasping her shoulder, he gently turned her to him and embraced her in his arms. Looking in her eyes, and using his lustful smirk, he said, “Damn, you are beautiful.”

She looked up at him and smiled. Her eyes darting back and forth from one of his green eyes to the other. She didn’t say anything.

Tab pulled her hard against him and kissed her. She wasn’t surprised, not exactly, but he caught her a bit off guard. The kiss was awkward. Tab had done this before and this was the typical response. He knew exactly what to say, “You can do better than that,” then kissed her again. This time was better. The third time more passionate.

“John”‘s hands felt massive on the small of Polly’s back as they kissed. “God this is hot,” she thought. She could feel the electricity flow through her body. He turned Polly around so she could see the water as he kissed and nuzzled her long neck. He hands explored her stomach. Feeling no resistance, he moved on to her breast. With still no resistance, he used his other hand to explore her body.

“He’s so gentle, especially for a big man,” she thought. She liked the idea of this stranger, wanting her, but treating her so gently. She liked how big his hands felt as they travelled over her body. In her experience most men never spent any time with foreplay. Your body was just a means to an end. They just did it and were done. “John” was taking his time and it felt wonderful.

She began to move her ass rhythmically against him as he explored and massaged. Tab began to walk the fabric of her dress up her smooth thighs with the fingers of his left hand, his right still embracing and massaging her breasts. When he could feel the end of the fabric, he slid his hand underneath and began caressing the skin of her thigh.

Polly was getting lost in desire. She reached down and tried to move his hand to her panties. “Not so fast,” whispered Tab, refusing the direction. “Let me take my time.”

Polly began to moan at his massage, the kisses on her neck. When Tab finally moved his hand over to her panties, she gasped. He massaged her through them, then under them. When he sensed Polly was getting close, he stopped. Taking his hands from around her, he gently guided her forward. She placed her elbows onto the wide rock rail in front of her.

He lifted her dress and pulled her panties down to her thighs. He took a second to admire the view. Her high heels and shapely legs were nice, thought Tab, but her ass is magnificent. He began to massage her from behind, careful not to give her enough friction or speed to allow her release.

Now that she was ready for him, he unbuckled and dropped his pants to his massive thighs. Polly kicked off the panties that had dropped to her ankles. At this point Polly was completely lost in white-hot lust and had completely forgotten the condoms in her purse. Tab took the one he brought out of his pocket and slid it on.

Even when he took her, he was gentle. What she wanted was wild, animal sex at this point, but he started slowly. Then, as he built his own passion, he moved faster, harder. Polly moaned in pleasure and he let out low, animalistic noises as they moved rhythmically together. Polly loved being dominated by a man, so when he reached around to take each of her wrists and move them behind her back, she loved it. He held them firmly, but not painfully with his hand.

By the time he finished, she had twice. As soon as he came, still inside her, her face pressed against the cool of the pavilion’s rock rail, Tab reached with his free hand into his chest pocket, removing the ziptie “cuffs.” Before Polly even realized what was going on, he slid them on her wrists and pulled them tight.

Feeling the ties at first surprised then terrified Polly as she realized what he had just done. Before she had a chance to react, he threw her to the concrete floor and straddled her. Looking up at him now, she saw the fury in his eyes. She screamed, but there was no one around to hear and the spillway roared out any sound. She tried to kick, to squirm her way out from under him.

Tab placed his hands around her neck and squeezed.


4 Comments on “Resurrection 41”

  1. Well done! I think the sex was fine, not too graphic, and the violence enough to make me afraid, very realistic

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ron877 says:

    I agree with Diane. This is in keeping with what is “out there” as far as Indie publishing and is dead set in the middle, not too violent and graphic, but enough for readers seeking a bit of erotica.

    I am interested in the warning before the selection. I see this type of warning more and more. It is taking on its own form of institutionalization. In a recent Chuck Wendig thriller (violence and sex are standard but the writing is terrific) the reader was directed to a section with star ratings from one to four, from mild sex or violence to extreme brutality and rough sex. The stars appeared throughout the book to warn readers of the type of upcoming action.

    I found this very strange and an extension of the much beloved (not by me) PC movement. Imagine having to review a book before you review it. Those who worry about this should not watch CNN. Aleppo and Mosul will not be censored for PC police amusement.

    Liked by 1 person

    • If I were writing erotica, I wouldn’t have the warning. In this case someone might be reading along and suddenly find completely different content than the rest of the book. There won’t be any disclaimers in the finished book.

      And I do appreciate your input on the content. I will get more when I get back to working on this chapter, but possibly it’s not too graphic for the tone of the book. I wanted to have it build to where it is believable Polly would be in the right mental and physical position to allow herself to be bound and killed. More than, “While they were having sex, Tab used the ties to bind her hands behind her back.”

      Liked by 1 person

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