NaNoWriMo Diary Day 20 – Stats

If you’re doing NaNo or are thinking about it, I thought I would give you my stats. I’m a guy who measures everything*, and I’ve been keeping more than just my word stats.

Here ya go:

  • Day: 20
  • Total words written: 40,125
  • Total words published: 39,139
    (I have 986 words in snippets I will be including in coming chapters.)
  • Average words written per day: 2,006
  • Average words written per week day: 1,759
  • Average words written per weekend day: 2,583
    (3,875 on the days I actually wrote – I wrote zero last weekend.)
  • Total hours spent writing:58 hours 58 minutes
  • Average words per hour: 680
  • Average hours per weekday: 2 hours 42 minutes
  • Average hours per weekend day:  3 hours 42 minutes
    (5 hours 33 minutes on the days I actually wrote – I wrote zero last weekend.)
  • Average words per hour weekday: 651
  • Average words per hour weekend day: 698
  • Number of hours working at my “real” job: 138 hours 15 minutes

It has gone better than I hoped.

This is inspite of the fact I pretty much didn’t write at all last weekend.

I would not be this far if it were not for you out there who are reading, commenting and messaging me encouragement. It does make a huge difference.



(*There is one thing I refuse to measure. It might dent my ego.)


14 Comments on “NaNoWriMo Diary Day 20 – Stats”

  1. Meg Sorick says:

    These are great stats. I have never measured any of this stuff except for the times when I know I wrote a tremendous amount or a pathetic little. I think my average word count based on NNWM charts is about 1500. But that’s losing two full weekends and not writing consistently during the week. I will never do this again. Ever.

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    • My life has just been work and writing this. I haven’t been seeing Waco, I don’t have a kid to worry about, just work and write. I’m hoping to take tomorrow night off and go out with friends and I think I’m fine doing that. We’ll see.

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      • Meg Sorick says:

        It’s been all about timing for both of us then. Bad timing for me. Although, it’s probably never good timing for me to write at such a pace. “Good” timing for you in that you’ve likely benefited from the distraction of writing. I’ve been nothing but distracted from writing. More than usual and I totally resent it. If I fail at this challenge I will be a bitter, spiteful and maliciously minded woman.

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      • So, your usual self?

        Just kidding. Let’s talk tomorrow and catch up.

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  2. Some things are more fun to measure than others 😉

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  3. ron877 says:

    Should I ever be crazy enough to try NaNoWriMo, I will use your cool guidelines to see if I “measure up.”

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