Resurrection 30

This is a chapter of the book I am writing for NaNoWriMo. If you want to read it from the start, click here for the chapter index.

“Little Doc” Sibley

“Thanks, Little Doc.” the elderly woman said as he left the exam room so she could get dressed. Tom walked into the hall and to the file station carrying her file. He recorded his notes for transcription and handed the recorder to Jenny, his administrator.

He checked his father’s Rolex on his wrist. It was 2:48pm, but Gerdie was his last patient of the day. His week had been long and tiring. If he left now, he would be home by about the time Rachel got home with the girls.

“I think I’m done for today,” he said to Jenny.

“OK Doc, have a great weekend,” replied the ever jubilant Jenny.

Doc went into his office, hung his lab coat and the stand and grabbed his jacket. Going out to the lot, he got in his truck and made the short drive home.

After graduating valedictorian from SISD High, Tom had gone to UK and then UK Med. Both his and his father’s ambition was for Tom to join the practice, and to take over when “Big Doc Sibley” retired. Tom completed his residency at St. Joseph in Lexington then returned to start working with his father.

Before his dad retired, the locals differentiated the two with monikers that young Tom didn’t appreciate. When they would come in, they would tell Georgia, “I’m here to see ‘Big Doc'” if they wanted to see Tom’s father and “Little Doc” if they were to see him. Eventually Georgia and the rest of the staff started referring to the pair the same way. “Give this to ‘Little Doc'” they would say, handing off a file.

Once Dad retired and new patients joined the practice, most of them just referred to him as “Doc”. The older patients still thought of him as “Little Doc.”

Tom pulled into the drive just as Rachel and the girls were getting out of their Denali.

When the girls saw him, they immediately shouted “Daddy!” in unison. “Wait until he gets out,” Rachel scolded. As soon as he stepped down from the truck, the girls surrounded him with a double hug. Tom picked up the youngest with his left arm, and grabbed older’s hand. The three of them walked up to the door where Rachel waited.

Tom and Rachel had two beautiful children, Madison 7 and Taylor 9. They were polite, attractive children, Tom and Rachel were good parents. Rachel had never taken advantage of her Elementary Ed degree and was a full-time wife and mother.

Tom loved coming home to see all three of his girls.

“Took off early today, huh?” Rachel commented.

“Slow day and all of the emotion of this week really took it out of me. Had lunch with J.W. today. He seems fine.” Tom said. “How’s Suze holding up?”

“I talked to her this afternoon and I think she’s still in a bit of a shock. I’m sure she’ll be fine.”

“Daddy, look!” Madison was pulling on Tom’s pant leg and showing him a drawing she had made. “It’s our family,” she said proudly as Tom took the drawing to examine it.

Tom sat down at the kitchen table, putting Madison on his lap. “This is a very nice picture, Maddy. You made this all by yourself, without any help?”

“Nope, nobody helped,” she replied, a satisfied grin on her face. Then pointing, “there’s you and mommy and Tay. This is our house and these are mommy’s flowers.”

“What’s this?” asked Tom pointing to what appeared to be a horse.

“That’s my horse Cinnamon. She’s beautiful.” answered Maddy.

“But you don’t have a horse, silly.” With that last word, he gave a little tickle to Maddy’s ribs.

“Not YET!” Maddy giggled.

The rest of the afternoon Tom played with his girls while Rachel put together the dinner. Rachel loved how Tom was so attentive, so perfect with the girls. He was patient, instructive and never seemed to lose his temper.

After a dinner of spaghetti and meatballs, the foursome retired to the family room to watch Frozen for the umpteenth time. The girls were transfixed, giving Tom and Rachel a chance to cuddle and talk on the couch.

Rachel leaned over the rested her head on Tom’s shoulder, casually stroking his chest with her thumb. “Tom, when I…we…thought J.W. was dead, it scared me. I can’t imagine life without you. It makes me sad just to consider the possibility.”

“Aw, honey, I’m not going to get stabbed.” Tom joked.

“No, that’s not what I mean. I want you to take better care of  yourself. I want you to eat better, maybe we can start working out together or something. I want to grow old with you.” Rachel was serious.

“I guess you’re right, Rach. Now that the girls are in school we both have more time. We’ll figure out something.” Tom had noticed he had gained a bit of a belly and wasn’t really doing anything about it. He thought maybe now is the time.

The girls were dancing around the room now, imitating the characters in the movie. Tom smiled, thinking how this is everything he could ever wish for, right here. Happiness, joy and love from his three girls.




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