Resurrection 28

This is a chapter of the book I am writing for NaNoWriMo. If you want to read it from the start, click here for the chapter index.


After setting the date with Polly, Tab drove back to Corbin, swinging into the parking lot of Dino’s for a little surveillance. Dino’s, he noted, sits slightly off 25W, the front lot partially hidden behind the Mexican place in front. Even at 1:30pm, there was a significant crowd. There was a Holiday Inn Express with windows looking down on the lot as well as a McDonald’s next store. Being right off I75 meant there would be lots of people at all on a Friday night.

Dino’s wouldn’t do. He couldn’t be seen with Polly, at least not by that many potential witnesses.

Tab went back to his room at The Wayside and began formulate his plans for tonight.

He needed to be in Silerville between 3am and 4am. He wouldn’t need much time there, his task there would only take minutes, so that was simple. In, do the job, out.

Polly presented a different problem.

Tab enjoyed killing. The idea of total control over a person, watching their life drain away along with their blood, gave him a feeling of total power. His first kill, a drug dealer named John Washington, had been stealing too much from his distributor in Detroit. You expect drug dealers to steal, to dilute the product, but Washington got too greedy.

Tab stabbed him in the kidney from behind.

Tab’s preferred way to kill men was with a knife. It could be messy, but he learned over the years to stay away from arteries and focus on liver and kidneys. Though Tab had never been seriously considered as a suspect in a murder, he also knew knives were much more difficult to match to a wound. Bullets can easily be traced to type of gun and ultimately to a specific gun. Knife wounds, especially if you twist the knife, are almost impossible to match to a weapon.

Since Washington he had also discovered he enjoyed killing face to face rather than from behind. He liked to see the man’s face as the realization hit him he was dying. He liked to see the life slowly fade out of a man’s eyes as his blood drained.

If he had time and privacy, like he did at Bon Hollow Park Wednesday, he liked to inflict a mortal, but not instantly fatal, wound. He would squat next to the body. Talk to the man, watch as the face contorted in pain. Those were memories he relived often in his mind.

With women it was different. The perfect kill for a woman was to choke her, face to face. To wrap his massive hands around her throat and squeeze until you saw the empty, lifeless eyes. He preferred to fuck them first, him knowing all the time it would be her last fuck.

He didn’t rape women. He wanted them to enjoy the sex. Worship his massive body. He was good in bed and the women who had survived sex with him the first time always wanted more. They rarely got a second chance. Tab enjoyed the sex, not the relationship.

He had killed eleven women so far, and only three related to a job. The other eight were just for fun. Polly would be mixing business with pleasure.

Since Dino’s was not going to work, he had to find a way to get Polly alone, someplace isolated. He considered trying to get her to come to The Wayside. That presented some problems. The desk probably knew her or at least had seen her and her flashy car several times before. They might have taken notice of the men she was with and they certainly would notice if she visited Tab.

He could call, offer to pick her up, but that likely wouldn’t work. Tab was aware of the intimidation his size produced. Even an impulsive girl, and he was pretty sure Polly was impulsive, would be hesitant to get into his car. He learned a long time ago that to seduce a woman he had to make her feel safe, as if she were in control. That’s why he let her pick the meeting place, it gave her the appearance of control.

He already had a plan for “after.” He would dump her body over the dam and into the spillway. That was settled. It was close and he didn’t have to make the drive to the cell tower he had checked out on Tuesday.

“Yeah, the dam,” said Tab out loud. “That’s perfect.” His plan had now materialized in his mind.

Standing up, he walked over to the dresser where he had laid his burner phone. It only had one contact. He dialed.

“Mr. Black,” a voice answered. “Is the job completed?”

“Not yet, everything is on schedule. There is a complication, however, and I will require a bonus,” Tab answered.

“Mr. Black you have been well paid for your work. I don’t see why you would need any further compensation.” The voice was firm in tone.

“Listen, I am a professional and I was hired to do a specific job. The job has now changed and you owe me more money. This is not a negotiation.” Tab’s tone was not just firm, but final and menacing.

“I see,” the voice was now less firm, the speaker realizing who he was talking to. “How much of a bonus do you require?”

“$25,000.00 should cover it. I expect it wired by Monday to my account.” Tab had been paid $50,000.00 for this job already, with another $50,000.00 due upon completion, but nobody works for free. Especially not him. An addition kill meant additional risk. He didn’t put himself at risk for anyone.

“You will have your money by Monday.”

Tab disconnected. He replaced the phone and stripped down to his boxers. He folded his clothes neatly on the chair then climbed into the bed for a nap. It was going to be a long night.



4 Comments on “Resurrection 28”

  1. BarbCT says:

    PLEASE tell me there’s going to be a follow-up to this story.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. BarbCT says:

    When I first read this I didn’t realize it was part of NaNoWriMo, didn’t realize that it was the most recent installment of what you are writing. I’m all caught up now and looking forward to the rest of the story.

    Now I’ve got to check on Meg.

    Liked by 1 person

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