NaNoWriMo Diary – Day 11

I’m about ready to dive in for more writing. It’s been fun so far but I’ve hit a couple snags the last couple days.

Timelines are getting confusing for me and I don’t want them to be for my readers. I am now figuring out what sub-plots will have to be resolved and when. I actually wrote most of two chapters in addition to the one I posted this morning only to realize I needed to actually get some other things in there and resolved first.

I’m figuring it out.

The other snag is that yesterday I ran out of mental juice. Between having a mentally taxing week at work and all the mental taxation of writing almost 30K words, I was kinda done. Even Waco’s pleas for more chapters couldn’t inspire me. I took last night off and I’ve been making myself do some things I know rebuild my creativity. It’s better today and should get better over the weekend as well.

The biggest thing I want to say, again, is THANK YOU. Your encouragement about the word count, the story actually make this whole thing a lot more fun.

And if you’re just reading this post as your first from me, go here and you can start reading Resurrection and heap on me effusive praise.


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