Resurrection 23

This is a chapter of the book I am writing for NaNoWriMo. If you want to read it from the start, click here for the chapter index.

The White County Democrat

Polly pulled her red Mustang to the curb in front of the White County Democrat. When she stepped to the sidewalk, she turned for a moment to admire her car. “I look so good driving this car,” she thought. She turned back to the building and caught her own reflection in the door as she climbed the three stairs, “Hell, I just look good.”

She was still feeling the “high” from catching the eye of a new man, and a handsome one to boot.

Polly had worked for the paper for the last eight years. She covered the front desk for the weekly, answering the phone, filing and retrieving files. She loved her job and the way it allowed her to be in on the gossip and rumors either too unverified or too salacious to print.

She knew the true story the unexpected resignation of  Josh Williams, the well liked, charismatic Silerville Independent School District High School principal. The story the Democrat printed was the official school board press release: Principal Williams had heart trouble and decided to take his retirement.

The true story was Williams was having affairs with two different younger teachers and using the AV room for his activities. One of the women suspected she wasn’t the only one, so she placed a piece of electrical tape over the “recording” light, then left the camera running. Williams was literally caught with his pants down.

The school board, all leading citizens, knew the truth, but colluded to cover it up and agreed on a less scandalous story. Polly often wondered how many people actually viewed the tape and wondered if it survived and was in someone’s closet right now.

The Democrat, being a weekly, didn’t have much day to day work for her. They had one reporter, Steve, and he didn’t usually have much to report about. He would attend the ball games, county and city meetings, interview Chief Dalton about the latest meth bust.

Tuesdays were the only busy days, when the paper had to be electronically laid out to be sent to the Times-Tribune for printing. The papers would be printed up overnight and returned to Silerville by truck, then distributed by several part time workers to the various stands around town. Those who subscribe by mail receive their paper on Thursday.

Sitting down at her desk, and with nothing to do, she took care of some personal business, dialing Johnny Tyler’s personal cell.

“Hey Pol,” answered Johnny. “Ready for our weekend?”

“Yeah, I’m excited about it, but that’s why I called.” Polly tried to put disappointment in her voice. “I can’t come until tomorrow.”

Johnny owned a cabin near Lake Cumberland and they were to spend the weekend together. She would drive to Somerset, meet Johnny and then travel to the lake in his Mercedes.

“Oh, shit. Why not?” Johnny had long ago figured he wasn’t the only man in her life. He often found her “changes in plans” suspect.

“Honey, I can’t believe this, but they are making me take notes at the emergency city manager’s meeting tonight. Steve is out of town and they need someone to take notes. I’m the only one who can do it.” Polly was a fairly convincing liar. “You know how much I need your body tonight. I’ll just have to do without for a day. I can drive myself to the cabin tomorrow and be there by noon. Honey I love you so much, and I love the way you make me feel.”

To an uninterested observer, this would have sounded like thick, syrupy crap. But she knew Johnny’s buttons and she just pushed several.

“Well, OK, I guess there’s nothing you can do about it. Be there by noon?” Johnny’s tone was a bit pleading.

“By noon, girl scouts honor. Oh, someone is just walking up, I have to go,” she lied again.

Hanging up the phone, she immediately dialed Suzanna. They had met at the church when J.W. first came to town. Polly had grown up in Corbin and didn’t know him growing up. Suzanna enjoyed Polly’s outgoing personality and they had confided many intimate secrets. Suzanna also enjoyed hearing about Polly’s “adventures” with men, having grow up never experiencing those things herself.

One secret she had not confided in Suzanna was some of the men were married. She wasn’t sure how the preacher’s wife would respond to that.

“Hey Polly, how are you this afternoon?” Suzanna sounded particularly upbeat, better than she had sounded in weeks.

“You sound chipper today, Suze. Feeling better?” asked Polly, genuinely happy for her friend.

“Yes, well…,” Suzanna paused for effect, “let’s just say John and my’s dry streak came to a glorious end this morning.” Suzanna had shared the frustration she was feeling, the lack of physical and emotional intimacy since Claire was born.

“You go, girlfriend!” congratulated Polly.

“I needed it. We needed it. I had no idea how much.” Suzanna was still love drunk. “John just left to have lunch with Tom, Claire is asleep and I am SO relaxed.”

“I have news along the same lines too,” Polly responded.

“Do tell…you and Johnny or is this Bruce?”

“Neither. I met a man at lunch. We’re going out tonight.”

“Another one? How do you keep them all straight?”

“His name is John, he is in sales and is in Corbin for the weekend.” Polly was reveling in the story. Suzanna was as well. She often lived an alternate, vicarious life through her friend.

“Oh, I get it. Another guy you can string along from afar.”

“No, well, I don’t know. We’re just having dinner tonight at Dino’s.”

“Just dinner, huh?” Suzanna knew her friends habits well.

“Well…he is extremely handsome and big…”

“What? You’ve already checked that out?”

“No, Suze, I mean he’s tall and muscular. Geez, for a preacher’s wife you sure have your mind in the gutter.”

“Right now I have sex on the brain, Pol, and it is WONDERFUL.”

“I can’t agree more, sista.”

“So how did you meet this mysterious man?” asked Suzanna.

“Well, I was getting gas and he was getting gas. I was wearing my brown pencil skirt, you know the one, and I guess I caught his eye. He asked me out right there at the gas pump. He’s polite and seems sweet. And he dresses well…get this, he had French cuffs and cufflinks.” Polly was beaming in relating the events.

“He’s a classy guy but you’re only going to Dino’s? Have him take you to Lexington or Knoxville. Someplace nice.” Suzanna had experienced Dino’s. Corbin was not known for it’s fine dining, chicken aside.

“Well, I’m supposed to meet him at 7, and aren’t you the one who is always telling me never to get in a car with a strange man?” Polly replied.

“You’re right. You need to be safe.”

“I always am,” Polly replied, truly believing she was.

“Well, call me when you get home. If Claire has me up I want to hear all the details. If not, just leave me a voicemail….Oh, that’s Claire, I have to run. Bye.”

“Bye, I’ll fill you in later. Love ya,” Polly responded, but Suzanna had already disconnected.



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