Resurrection 14

This is a chapter of the book I am writing for NaNoWriMo. If you want to read it from the start, click here for the chapter index.


Suzanna’s phone buzzed again and Polly checked the ID. It simply said “John.” It made her jump, but then she realized it could be anyone named John, not necessarily J.W.

“Hello, Suzanna’s phone. This is Polly.”

“Hey Polly, what are you doing there?” John was upbeat.

“J.W.? Wait, J.W…?” Polly was having trouble processing this. Everyone in the room was instantly transfixed on the conversation. “We thought you were dead. Is it really you?”

“Oh boy, I know hormones go crazy after childbirth. I didn’t think Suze would think I was dead. Didn’t she get my message?”

“No, J.W., you don’t understand. The police were here. Doc Silby was here. They all told us you’re dead.”

“What?” Now it was J.W’s turn to process.

“Yeah, they found a body and said it was yours. Oh my GOD. I need to give this phone to Suze,” said Polly as she bounded up the stairs. “We all thought you were dead.”

She yelled out to Suzanna: “Suze! It’s J.W., he’s on the phone, he’s not dead! Here…here…” she ran in the room and handed the phone to Suzanna.

“John…is this really you?”

“Oh, Suze. Yes it’s really me. I’m fine. Everything’s fine. What happened?”

“It’s been terrible. They told me you’d died. Been killed. John I need you home right now.”

“Slow down, tell me exactly what happened.”

Suzanna explained the horrific events of the night through tears of joy. How the Chief had come, how Tom had come. The whole family being there now.

“Oh, wow, I’m so sorry that happened. Trust me, I’m fine. I’m gonna figure out a way to get home, I’ll call back once I figure it out. Honey, please know I love you. Everything’s fine.”

“I love you so much John. You have no idea how much I love you. Please figure out how to get home and call me back.”

“What’s going on?” asked Creek as J.W. hung up the phone.

“I can’t explain, I need to get home, now.”

“Oh, no,” responded Creek. “Everybody OK?”

“Yes, but it’s complicated. How can I get home quickly?”

“Well, I guess you could hike out to the road, hitch a ride into Townsend. It’s less than two miles to the highway through there,” Creek pointed.

Tiny butted in, “Is this an emergency?”

“Yes,” replied J.W., “the police showed up at my house and told my wife I was dead. I need to get to her.”

“Well, if it’s an emergency, call the Sheriff. He probably can have a car meet you. You shouldn’t be hitchhiking. He can take you to your car.” Tiny was smart.

“Good thinking, Tiny” said Creek.

“Yeah, that makes sense.” J.W. called 911.

“911, what is your emergency?”

“Yes, my name is John Reeves. I am hiking the trail and I have an urgent emergency at home. I need someone to meet me at…just a second…” J.W. turned to Creek and Tiny, “where does this side trail meet the road?”

“Let me check the map,” said Tiny, pulling out her map.

“Just a minute, they’re checking the map.” J.W. said to the dispatcher.

“Sir, are you injured? Do you require medical assistance?” asked 911.

“No, I have an emergency at home. I need to get home as quickly as possible. Hold on for a minute while we check the map.”

“I’ll hold, sir.”

Tiny placed her finger on the map. “Looks like it comes out at Fisher’s Store.”

“They say I’ll come out at Fisher’s Store. Can you send someone to meet me?” J.W. asked.

“How far are you from the road?” 911 asked.

“Less than 2 miles. It will take me 45 minutes to get there, maybe less.”

“It looks like an easy hike,” interjected Creek, also pouring over the map.

“Please hold sir while I contact a deputy.” J.W. could still hear as she radioed a car. “Unit 11, come in please.” He couldn’t hear the car’s reply.

“Yes, 11, we have a hiker who has an emergency at home and needs to get to his car in Townsend. He can be at Fisher’s Store in about 45 minutes.”


“No, no injury, the emergency is at his home. Can you meet him there?”


“Roger 11,” the dispatcher turned her attention back to J.W., “Sir?”


“Unit 11 will meet you at Fisher’s Store in 45 minutes. Can I get your name again please?”

“John Reeves. Thank you, thank you so much.”

“We try to help whenever we can. Hope everything goes well.”

“Thank you,” replied J.W., hanging up.

J.W. immediately dialed Suzanna. “Honey, a deputy is meeting me in 45 minutes. He’ll take me to the car and I’ll be home as soon as humanly possible.”

“Please hurry, John, but be safe.” Suzanna was still crying.

“I’ll call you from the road,” J.W. hung up.

“Creek, is this trail marked? I don’t want to get lost.” asked J.W.

“You’re not going alone, Preach. Tiny and I’ll go with. We’ll make sure you get there” said Creek as he and Tiny grabbed their packs.

J.W. put his phone back in his pocket, grabbed his pack and the three set out for Fisher’s Store.





6 Comments on “Resurrection 14”

  1. Thank you for your supportive comments and your comment on my poem “Flying”. I didn’t know where else to put this. I accidently trashed your comment and got off the page before I realized what had happened and there was an undo button to get it back. Now its gone.

    Liked by 1 person

    • No problem, Gary. As long as you saw it. I enjoy your writing but I haven’t been blogging much lately. Work has kept me busy. Keep it up!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I especially like the part where you said you spent a day doing only what you wanted or not doing anything you didn’t want to do.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Funny thing about that…I got up feeling overwhelmed by all the things I needed to do. Work things, household things and writing thousands of words for NaNoWriMo.

        Then I gave myself permission to do just anything I wanted, to give myself a mental break.

        Guess what? I did a number of things, but most of all I did 9000 words on my book. Not great writing, it’s just a draft and written quickly, but I’ll end today with 1/4 or more of my book done.

        It’s been fun and positive.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your open, upbeat tone and willingness to communicate. 9000 words is quite a windfall toward your book. You must either love it to bits or you’re a really hard worker or both. Or other reasons you can pound out such a productive day. Good for you. You sound like you’re satisfied with the “roughness” of your draft which you can return to later.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ptobably a little of both. I’ve written on it for 19 hours – I’m actually keeping track – and figure I’ll have to put in another 45 or so. Ir was a fun distraction this weekend.

      I actually did the 9K words over 2 days too, so that’s a bit different than one.


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