Aberfan Coal Disaster and Reincarnation

Margaret had wondered for most of her adult life why she seemed so male in her thinking. Her female friends bored her too often with their over-emotionalism. She wanted facts, to fix things, to do things. Like a guy.

She wondered why she had a tremendous desire to visit England, Ireland and Wales as often as possible. Her husband’s job took him their periodically and it gave her a chance. In some ways she felt more at home there than in the states.

Liam tried to concentrate on his maths as the teacher wrote on the board, but his mind was on the new “cat’s eye” he had just traded Fabian for before school. He had wanted it for weeks and couldn’t wait for the bell so he could play with his friends.

Pantglas Junior School was an integral part of the small hamlet of Amberfan, Wales. The school was home to over 160 children who worked on their maths, spelling, reading each day.

Liam was not a studious child. For that matter, he wasn’t a good student at all. His father, a supervisor for the National Coal Board, chided him often for his marks. But Liam was an active boy of 12 and sitting still for lessons was a chore at best and an impossibility at worst.

Liam wanted to play football or marbles or wrestle with his friends. His “da” had all but given up on his goal for Liam to be the doctor he hoped for. Well, at least the Coal Board was always hiring.

As Liam looked out the window, day dreaming about marbles, he noticed something strange. A shadow was climbing down the hill next to the town. Strange, he thought, it was a sunny day, but the shadow was black. It almost seemed as if the ground itself were turning black and flowing into the town.

The coal slurry buried Liam, crushing him and filling his lungs with black goo. There was no air. Fortunately his end was quick.

At the same moment, half a world away, a baby was born.

“What will you name her?” asked the obstetrician.

“She’s Margaret” was her proud father’s reply.




7 Comments on “Reincarnation”

  1. Meg Sorick says:

    I still can’t believe the awesome coincidence of this post. I love it and the thought you put into it. What a lovely gift from my wonderful friend. Hope you guys had a good time last night. H took me to my favorite restaurant for a fabulous dinner. All’s well today. Or better at least. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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