Atheists: Don’t Be an Ass – How to Talk to Christians

Atheists: How to Talk to Christians

Most of my friends are Christians at one level or another.

As an atheist I often see discussions between atheists and Christians where each are trying to persuade the other there way of thinking is correct. Typically this devolves into alienation, ad hominem and anger.

Last night I was interviewed by Larry Rhodes on the Free Thought Radio Hour about this topic and I lined out some ways atheists can talk to Christians in civil and mutually beneficial ways. We even had an interesting Christian caller who demonstrated this technique perfectly.

If you would like to listen in, click the link below (it’s an mp3 of the show). You can write click to download or click and it will open in a new tab to listen:

Click Here to Listen or Download

Feel free to leave your comments, questions and rants below. I’m happy to learn from you.



9 Comments on “Atheists: Don’t Be an Ass – How to Talk to Christians”

  1. Congrats! What a cool topic to cover. I randomly stumbled into a hipster Christian Church this summer thinking it was a rock concert when I was having a terrible day. I am not Christian in the respect that I do not believe Jesus Christ is my savoir. I’m also not an atheist… I kind of believe in all of the religions and none of them at the same time. I believe in God, but I don’t put a face to it. I also respect the atheist point of view.

    I explained my beliefs to the people running the group. They didn’t care, I was welcome to stay anyway. I was having a rough day and crying. They hugged me and prayed for me. They never tried to convert me or challenge my beliefs. Christianity at it’s core has a beautiful message, even if you do not follow the religion. J.C. may not be my one and only savior.. but I am down with him and his people! All people can learn from stepping outside of their own beliefs.

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  2. I love the “apatheist” label. I’m a Christ follower, but I confess I’m not very good at it. Maybe that’s why Isaiah 53:6 describes us all as wandering stray sheep. I don’t think I’m the only one like this.

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  3. Nena says:

    This is a great topic for both Christians and non-Christians alike! I am listening to the radio talk now. I do believe it is more about love and respect for each other than anything else:)

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