Meg Sorick or Margaret: On Author Names

Meg Sorick called me with a problem. Primarily I am writing this for her. However, the advice I give to her will work for you as well. Give it a read and you’ll likely see better traffic and sales.

Dr. Meg called me today. She is trying to update her blog and wanted some input on how to better show up in the search engines. I did a bit of research and found out a couple things:

  • When one searches for “Dr. Meg” her blog comes up on page 5 of the results.
  • When one searches for “Dr. Meg Sorick” her blog comes up first. Her author page at Amazon doesn’t appear until page 6.
  • When someone searches for “Margaret Sorick” her first book comes up #1 on Google. Her Amazon UK author page comes up on page 3. Her US author page is not in the top 7 pages or results.
  • When someone types in “Meg Sorick” her blog and her Facebook author page are on page 1. Her Amazon author page comes up on page 5 of the results.

Meg wants to sell books and Google paired with Amazon is a great way to do it.

If someone is looking for one of her books and types in “Meg Sorick,” she wants her author page to come up in the first 3-5 results. That directs people to a place (Amazon) where they can buy any of her books – and she’ll have 5 soon.

Knowing how to optimize Google results is important to her. Here is how she can get Google to see she is both “Meg Sorick” and “Margaret Sorick.”

Use “Meg Sorick” in incoming links to her author page – and ask others to do the same.

Google looks at 2 primary items when choosing how to rank a particular page in their results: On Page Factors and Off Page Factors.

First, let’s look at On Page Factors…

“Meg Sorick” needs to appear in her Amazon Bio.

On Page Factors are what is on the actual page you want to score highly on the search engine. Amazon does a good job of putting the right keywords in the right places, but it can be better.

Right now her bio reads:

My name is Margaret but everybody calls me Meg. I am a writer. Why? Because I love…

Nowhere on the page does “Meg Sorick” appear. There are a few references to “Meg,” but not the exact phrase “Meg Sorick” she wants to score highly for.

The first step for her is to rewrite her bio slightly so she can get that keyword phrase onto her author page. Here is one example:

My name is Meg Sorick – well, my name is Margaret, but everyone calls me Meg. I am…

She also lists her blog posts along with opening sentences on the page. An important thing for her to do – since they appear on her author page – is to make sure on a regular basis she includes “Meg Sorick” in the first paragraph of her blog posts. Not every one necessarily, but often enough that one or two consistently show up on her author page at Amazon.

In this case, that’s about all she can do for the On Page Factors.

“Meg Sorick” on incoming links.

Google is smart. They don’t trust you to say honest, helpful things about yourself on your page. You may embellish. Google figured out years ago the best indication of the VALUE and TOPIC of a page was what incoming links said about the page.

What are incoming links and how does Google view them?

Incoming links are links from other web pages pointing to your own web page. In the case of text links, Google looks at the blue underlined part to see what the link says about the “target” page.

For example, if I create a link to Meg Sorick’s author page (there, I just did) Google looks at it and says “Hey, this guy, who is an amazing guy, thinks this page is about Meg Sorick. Which it is.

If I were Meg, I would want to get links pointing to my author page with some or all of the following in the blue underlined part:

  • Meg Sorick
  • Meg Sorick, author
  • Author Meg Sorick
  • Meg Sorick’s books
  • Dr. Meg Sorick
  • Dr. Meg Sorick, author
  • Author Dr. Meg Sorick
  • Dr. Meg Sorick’s books

But Google, again, is pretty smart. They want to serve up tasty, relevant results for their users, so they look at something else on the page with the incoming link – they look at the content on the page.

What do they look at? They look at the title of the page, they look at the sub-headers on the page. Since I am writing this blog post to help out Meg, I made sure to include her name first in the title, then put related terms in the sub-headings. That tells Google this page is about Meg Sorick.

Google will like that.

To do that in WordPress you simply choose Heading 2 or Heading 3 from the dropdown menu at the upper left in the toolbar when you are creating a post. Easy peasy.

How you can use this information

  • Decide a page you want to score highly in Google search results.
  • Create incoming links on your own blog using a relevant “blue text”.
  • Ask your friends with blogs to also link to you from relevant pages – maybe an interview or something.
  • Syndicate articles with the relevant blue text links.

And that’s it! I hope you break Google.


9 Comments on “Meg Sorick or Margaret: On Author Names”

  1. Meg Sorick says:

    Thank you, this is very helpful. I’m going to update my author page now…

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  2. Meg Sorick says:

    Reblogged this on Meg Sorick Writes and commented:
    See why I keep this guy around? Seriously, this is great information for all of us trying to get recognized in the sea of self publishing.

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  3. This is such valuable information. Thanks so much for sharing it. I think I’ll put it in my pocket for future reference.

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  4. Wandering Soul says:

    This is indeed helpful information. Thank, Kevin!

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  5. Lula Harp says:

    What a wealth of information!

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  6. Very informative post! Thank you, Kevin!

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