I Miss You

Late Night Texting

The plan was for Him to come down Friday for the holiday weekend. She had been at a conference and out of touch, coming home in the late hours of Wednesday. He thought She would need an evening alone to recuperate before He arrived.

He had missed Her. They had been spending the vast majority of nights together, but it seemed to make Him miss Her more rather than less. They had been apart less than a week and His chest ached for the feel of Her pressed into Him.

Her text surprised Him:

Her: When are you coming? I feel a coma coming on. I miss you. 12:12 PM
Him: I’m sure you need one. I can come any time. Up to you. I have to go home Tue morning kinda no matter what. 12:15 PM
Her: Why? 12:15 PM
Him: I miss you as well, for the record. 12:15 PM
Him: I have a kinda huge week next week. 12:16 PM
Her: You’ve used kinda twice now 12:19 PM
Him: Kinda. It’s my Hordor 12:19 PM
Her: Will coming tomorrow be better? 12:19 PM
Him: Are you asking me to come today? 12:19 PM
Her: I have to work – 230 meeting then I hope to be out. 12:20 PM
Him: You’re great at indirect answers 12:20 PM
Her: Kinda. But really I just want you here for selfish reasons. I need to curl up. 12:21 PM
Him: Geez. I hate that. You’re so demanding. 12:21 PM
Him: Let me get back to you. I would love to come today, but I need to think it thru 12:22 PM
Him: I’ll let you know before 2:30. 12:22 PM
Her: Okay but don’t stress yourself 12:33 PM
Him: Thinking about seeing you is never stress. 12:34 PM
Him: You know how you like to tell me you love me when you are really feeling it? Yeah, I love you always but especially right now. 12:36 PM
Her: ❤️ I love you too right now… Can’t commit to tomorrow… 12:38 PM
Him: Of course not. 12:39 PM

So Thursday evening He drove the 100 miles to Her’s. When He arrived He pushed Her against the wall and kissed Her deeply.

Then again, more passionately.



43 Comments on “I Miss You”

  1. 100 miles ain’t nothin for love. 🌌

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  2. Nice! I’m glad you were able to go early. And I hope you have a nice long weekend together. This Saturday is the wedding H is in. Should be fun – in the city. Except steamy weather! And I have to wear a dress, which I haven’t bought yet, so you can guess what I’m doing today, dammit. 😦

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  3. maharedwynn says:

    Very sweet! Have a great weekend!

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  4. 100 miles for love? Sure, anytime! 🙂

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  5. This is really awesome! I’d love for you to check out my blog and consider following.

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  6. I like the format, how it urges the reader on without it feeling forced.
    The dialogue, how you intentionally avoid quotations–I do the same thing, it feels more natural and less choppy.
    The Him vs. Her setup is also really cool, the anonymity makes the characters almost more powerful.

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    • I’ve written a number of posts about my relationship with Waco a girl I have been seeing for the last couple years, transplanted from Texas to Chattanooga. If you click on the Waco tag in the sidebar, you can get a chronology of our relationship. I’d be interested in your feedback.


  7. thebrunetteinthepinkscarf says:

    Nice post, Kevin! Wow. 100 miles?! Make sure you always have a protein bar or two! 😜

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  8. Anand says:

    So love doesn’t just make your heart beat faster, it makes your car go faster too. Great read.

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  9. You’re such a sweet man!

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  10. […] He knew they would be apart He would take down His pictures of Her. The wallpaper on His phone and computers changed from Her […]


  11. Love this post… was just thinking about the someone I miss…

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