Pathetic Phonetic Poetic

Ryan Gosling Poetic

This was originally posted in response to Wandering Soul’s limerick for the weekly challenge posted by Mind and Life Matters. She encouraged me to join the fray this week by reposting it here.

You think your attempt pathetic
When you try to wax poetic
You’ve created envy
In me never ending
In mastering the phonetic



19 Comments on “Pathetic Phonetic Poetic”

  1. Glad you finally threw your hat in the ring! You’ll probably win and piss me off though…

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  2. Sorry if I have to blow you both out of the water with mine on the ever popular political race. Just sayin’

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  3. Aha! What have we here, you finally decided to join in! I should remember to thank Wandering Soul and Meg! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  4. […] Kevin decided (finally!!) to join the limerick race and guess what, his pathetic phonetic poetry secured the next spot on my Top 5 list along with Dr. Meg because her limerick was awesome and Loki […]

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  5. Heh, you’re stuck with me again! 😂

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