Road tripping, The Collaborators, The Poet, and trying to kill my husband…

So, met up with Dr. Meg this past weekend…

Meg Sorick, Author

Remember how I was on vacation last week? It was a fabulous break from the routine. My husband, however, is convinced that I was trying to kill him. Now where would he ever get that idea?

Meeting Kevin:

Yes, the Fictional One, the threatener of my life, serial collaborator, and Waco, his girlfriend met us on Sunday at The Smoky Mountain Brewery for lunch and a couple of beers. It’s true, Waco is real! I even have photographic evidence which you will have to take my word for, as I’m sworn to keep their identities a secret. I know, I know… Take it up with, Kevin!

Not only did we survive the encounter, meeting them was a blast. It was like hanging out with friends we’ve known all our lives.  We spent about two hours together before they had to head back home. Next time, they get to come…

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18 Comments on “Road tripping, The Collaborators, The Poet, and trying to kill my husband…”

  1. Elizabeth Helmich says:

    Glad you two had such a happy, devious comradery while writing your novella. I agree with Meg though, you really should have plotted out the killings better. Though I completely understand about GOT, and I do loathe missing it when it actually airs…maybe next time! (As a random side note, I am still completely horrified over that ending last night – my GOD!!)

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      • Elizabeth Helmich says:

        I woke up about 5x last night thinking about it. Can’t even. I hate, and love George so hard. I didn’t scream, but I definitely had the blanket held up over my face through most of it. I know I was also yelling something….what did you & Waco think?

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      • Waco hasn’t watched it yet. She’s at a conference in Las Vegas since Saturday. We’ll probably watch both next weekend. I did watch last night, but I’ll watch again with her.

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      • Oh…my thoughts…

        I don’t want to do spoilers, so I will just do this. I was sorry the character died, but I wasn’t surprised. I enjoyed HOW he died. It didn’t tear me up, though I can see why it did for many. I didn’t even cry when that one guy died at the end of last season.

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      • Elizabeth Helmich says:

        The shock factor is exactly what he is so very brilliant at. A thousand times later…we finally get the meaning of ‘it’.
        I rarely cry, but I did scream at the end of that death match between the Mountain and Oberyn Martell. Anyway. I’ll stop my rant there. Enjoy the night! 🙂

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  2. maharedwynn says:

    Really cool that you met the doc! There’s always that risk of disappointment!

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  3. Nena says:

    Sounds like you all had a great time:)

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