Intimate Couple in Bed

Every morning He ate eggs. Jelled yokes. Some potatoes.

One can eat eggs plain and get the proper nutrition. Protein, good fats, zinc. But eggs without seasoning are bland. Flavorless.

His life before He met Her was unseasoned eggs. He lived with purpose, planned His time, achieved His goals. Happy but not joyful.

Over the last many months She had changed His life. There were still goals and plans. Still work to be done. The minutia of life.

But Her smile, Her eyes, Her words, Her touch, Her adventures had given his egg life something He hadn’t experienced in a long time.

She brought flavor to His life.

When they were together whether it was going to a concert or planting flowers or just sharing a morning coffee, it became joy. Flavorful.

His life tasted so much better with Her in it.




37 Comments on “Flavor”

  1. That is a great way to describe the way a person makes your life better. 👍 It looks like you’re taking advantage of the chattering muse! I’m going to want to bounce some ideas off you next week. Brace yourself!

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  2. maharedwynn says:

    Oh you guys are too funny! Kevin, this is really sweet! It shows the depth of your feelings. Love it!

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    • Waco is an incredibly smart, witty, successful and beautiful woman. It’s easy to fall in love with her. I’m fortunate we found each other.

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      • maharedwynn says:

        Wonderful! Finding a partner like that is truly amazing and it gives me hope!

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      • The way we met and the way we went through the first several months getting to know one another is quite a story. There were many times when we almost didn’t get to this point. Finding love is an odd, almost random, thing.

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      • maharedwynn says:

        I would agree with that. And sometimes even when you think you’ve found it, it turns out to be a lie. Not being cynical, just realistic.

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      • I literally used a spreadsheet to evaluate women. Most people would find that cynical, but when I first started dating I spent too much time with women who would never be, could never be, the one for me. The spreadsheet allowed me to be objective in the women I chose to pursue.

        I haven’t had to look at that sheet in a long time now…

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      • maharedwynn says:

        How about that… It’s analytical, but I suppose that’s essentially what dating websites do. Try to match up the qualities people are looking for in a partner. Why waste time?

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      • I used eHarmony to meet pretty much all but a few of the women I dated. It gave me general matches, but not many specific matches.

        For example: It tended to match me with women who were well educated, worked in some type of people-helping profession and were in the geographic and age categories I specified.

        But it didn’t screen for things like optimism, sarcasm, etc.

        There were also specific things I couldn’t know until meeting/talking to a woman.

        That’s where the spreadsheet came in handy.

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      • maharedwynn says:

        It’s actually a pretty good idea, but I’m thinking you must’ve been juggling quite a few ladies at the same time….

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      • Yes, I was dating several. It was interesting to me, though, how things progressed in the early stages.

        Before Waco and I met in real life we talked on the phone for two months.

        I would be out on a date with a charming woman, but I just wanted to go home so I could call Waco. Over those weeks I got to where I was smitten by a woman I’d only seen pictures of – and when I met her I realized her pictures didn’t do her justice. Once I met her in person it was game over for me.

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      • maharedwynn says:

        Very cool!

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  3. Eggs do need a little seasoning, smiling! Sweet and wonderful!

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  4. I love the metaphorical description, really flavorful! Made me hungry 😀

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  5. drshellking says:

    This gave me a smile. Great post, Kevin.

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  6. Nena says:

    I’ll never look at eggs the same:p But I do like them even more after reading this. Nice analogy;)

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  7. […] For two years now She had been His joy. […]


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