Why I am not writing right now…

Bexter No Balls

My computer is in the car and my laptop is upstairs and Waco just left for water aerobics and I just noticed Twighlight Zone is on the television and this puppy is so cute in his after-surgery cone head and it’s a pain to write on my phone and I really should catch up on Facebook and it’s going to rain later so I should be out on the deck now and tomorrow I am quitting smoking so I should indulge in that and I’m kinda sleepy still and I need to take the puppy out and…


23 Comments on “Why I am not writing right now…”

  1. Rita says:

    wow – don’t blame ya đŸ™‚

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  2. Omg, a new puppy! Sweet. But you’re right, your life is like a living hell. Who else could endure all that! You’re like … superhuman, that’s right!

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  3. I’m exhausted for you. That’s just way too much. Better just relax…

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  4. …and I have to go out and buy some paper and a pen because I need to start a new book and I don’t like writing a first draft on the computer…
    Poor pup! I hope he feels better soon.

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    • Luddite.

      The pup seems to feel pretty good. Just a castration. Not a big deal…at least, surgically. I did send him a sympathy card earlier in the week saying “Sorry for your loss…” He didn’t appreciate it.

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  5. Aw, the little buddy! Have a relaxing weekend, so I can pester you all week about the grand finale! đŸ˜œ

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  6. God that sounds like the nonstop rambling in my head….

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  7. Just proved you are a writer! Any other reasons to add to the list of procrastination?

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