Double Seduction 11

Double Seduction

Dr. Meg and I are writing a little novella we hope you will enjoy and keep you in suspense. I wrote the first chapter, she wrote the second. The third is here. To read the fourth, go here. The fifth installment is here. Read the sixth installment by clicking here. The seventh is here. Eight here. Nine can be found here. Meg has written chapter 10, go over to her blog to read it. Chapter 11 is below…

Chapter 11 – Revelations

Mel was distracted all afternoon.  The text from Anton had rattled her and the day couldn’t be finished fast enough.  As her last patient left she turned to Andi.  “So Dr. Rivers?”  she began cheerfully.  “I was going to stay and file these…. Um, Dr. Rivers?  Are you ok?”

“I’m fine, Andi. It’s just allergies. We’ve had a long day, let’s just pick it up in the morning,” hurrying Andi out the door.

“OK…Dr. Rivers…um…have a good night” she said frowning.

Mel locked the door behind her and pulled her phone from her pocket, pressing Anton’s number.

“Melody, thank you for calling.” Anton’s deep voice answered in his thick Romanian accent.

“Why are you checking up on David? I thought you were going to drop this.” Mel’s voice was a mixture of anxiety and anger.

“Melody, please forgive, but I care about you and  I felt my talents might keep you from harm. You need to know: David is not who he pretends to be.”

Mel’s breath caught. She wanted to rail against him, release the anger she felt. At the same time his statement seemed firm, it caught her off guard. Before she replied, Anton continued.

“When someone takes a picture with a digital camera or phone, the picture has saved with it additional information. It can be read with the right software. The picture you sent me last week of David on his motorcycle, when did he say it was taken?”

“This is too much Anton, you are my friend and my sparing partner, but you have no right to mess with my life.” Mel fumed.

“Melody, please, just answer the question. It’s important. If you are still angry with me after you learn the truth, then, well, we’ll deal with that. But you must know the truth. When was it taken?” Anton’s voice was calm but firm.

“The truth? You make it sound like he’s an ax murderer. It was taken a couple weeks ago. Why does it matter when it was taken?” Mel’s jaw was firmly set.

“Bear with me. And where?” Anton again seemed unfazed by her tone.

“David was taking a ride. On Sullivan Trail. To the Poconos,” Mel snapped back.

“Melody, you need to know the picture you sent me was taken six years ago in San Bernardino, California. I don’t believe it is a picture of David.”

“You don’t know that! That doesn’t mean anything!”

Anton had never heard Mel so angry.

“So what? So what if he took it years ago? We’re talking. We’ve only met online. Lots of people use old pictures. Anton, if you keep this…”

At this point, Mel’s phone signaled an incoming call. From David.

“I’m done talking about this. I’m getting a call. I have to go.” Without waiting for Anton to reply, she ended the call and switched over to David.

“Hey, beautiful. How was your day?” David was light-hearted. Every time he talked to Mel it gave him joy. It usually did for her as well.

“I’ve had better.” The edge in Mel’s voice was obvious.

“What’s wrong?” David soothed. His voice was calming and sweet, caring. Just like always.

“Nothing, really. Just a meddlesome friend. I’m pretty angry right now. Maybe I should just go. We can talk tomorrow.” Mel was reeling. She didn’t want to talk to anybody right now, especially David. She needed to process.

David persisted, he didn’t want her to go. “What happened? Is it that bad? It will help you to talk about it.”

Mel hesitated, it was hard to resist the urge to pour all this out to David. Over the last several weeks they had become so close. They talked about everything. They knew everything about one another – or at least she thought they did.

“It might make you angry.” Mel said wearily.

“Mel, if someone has hurt you, we can be mad at them together. What is it honey?”

“Well…I sent Anton the picture of you on your motorcycle,” she took a breath,  “I’ve enjoyed all the time we’ve spent getting to know one another, I had talked about you often to him and..well…I guess I just wanted to share.”

“That doesn’t make me mad, I’m glad you’re telling your friends about me – even Anton.”

Mel’s voice trembled slightly as she gradually admitted what Anton had “discovered”: “Anton says the picture wasn’t taken a couple weeks ago, but six years ago, and in California.” Mel wanted to take back the words as soon as she said them, “but he probably just made a mistake, I mean, I don’t really understand how he could know that from a picture. I’m sure that’s not the case, is it David?”

David felt a jolt of anxiety burn through him. If he hadn’t already been sitting in his recliner, his knees might have buckled. He paused, trying to find the words. The silence stirred Mel to fill it.

“Is it an old picture? It is you, right?”

David recovered enough composure to answer. “I’m so sorry, Mel. I truly am. It’s definitely me, but that picture is several years old. I don’t think it was taken six years ago, but it’s not new.”

“You lied to me?” It was spoken as a question, but Mel knew the answer. “You know, David, I need to go. I can’t talk to you right now.”

“Let me explain…” she hung up before David finished his sentence.

David sat there in his recliner, staring at his phone, his hand shaking. He had been caught in a lie. A big lie. He wanted to crawl away.

It was at that moment he knew without a doubt he was falling for her. He realized the only way he could ever have her in his life was to come clean.


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  1. […] Mel was distracted all afternoon. The text from Anton had rattled her and the day couldn’t be finished fast enough.  Keep reading at Kevin’s blog! […]

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  2. I can’t believe that she ran her mouth 😯😠😨😲 and chose to trust an unknown snake over her trusted friend 😢😤 I don’t particularly like Mel right now!

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  3. Maybe David’s going to go kill Anton… or vice versa. I sound obsessed with killing. I’m really not, I swear. That was 6 years ago. All charges were dropped.

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  4. thebrunetteinthepinkscarf says:

    Yay! This was a good one! Of course Melody is figuring David out, with a little help from Anton. Smart women always know when someone is lying 😉

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  5. Interesting turn of events, he sure must not have expected to fall for Mel!

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  6. Deb says:

    I never thought I would say this…but Meg needs to get her priorities sorted!:-) I am thinking this is just the beginning of all the unexpected you will be throwing at us. *sigh*

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