Couple Holding Hands in Bed

“You are indispensable.” Her text made Him smile.

They were in the midst of three weeks together. Not a vacation, just sharing Seuss House and the normal day to day routine. They had talked a number of times about moving in together, neither felt it was time, maybe would never be time, still they both enjoyed the month of March together.

They developed a routine: He would spring up from bed early, writing at His computer. He would slip back into bed with Her a minutes before Her first alarm of the day would chime. She definitely did NOT spring out of bed and required several. In the minutes between alarms He would hold Her, caress Her, share the intimacy.

Evenings He would cook while She finished Her workout. They would eat, talk and move up to the bed early for Dateline and reading. He would lotion and rub Her feet and legs, being careful to keep Her perpetually cold body under as many covers as possible. Often they made love before they drifted off, though the intimacy of their other rituals was just as powerful.

Since She had typed those words, it had been on His mind often. She told Him often each day She loved Him, sometimes using words, this was different.  Can one person truly be indispensable to another? His logical mind said no. People break up; people die. Indispensable was an illusion.

He also knew His life with Her in it. Maybe it wasn’t logical. Maybe a person didn’t truly “need” another – life would go on regardless. All He knew this morning was this:

She was indispensable to Him too.





15 Comments on “Indispensable”

  1. Of course someone can be indispensable in the here and now. No one knows what tomorrow will bring or how many tomorrows we even have…

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  2. thebrunetteinthepinkscarf says:

    Fictional Kevin – this is precious and very romantic! Loving this. I have to catch up this weekend reading your highlighted posts, reading other work, and hopefully writing some. Busy week, but when I read your posts, they bring me happiness, sometimes sadness – but in a good way, because it makes me think about a past love and all of those feeling come flooding back, a beautiful memory of a gorgeous man and the love we had for one another. ❤ Thank you!

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  3. Good romantic write. A pleasure to read.


  4. […] Pretty awesome, huh? He writes a lot about his relationship with Waco, go check out his post: Indispensable about his lady […]

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  5. Loved the limericks on Meg’s site, nice job!

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