Double Seduction 9

Double Seduction

Dr. Meg and I are writing a little novella we hope you will enjoy and keep you in suspense. I wrote the first chapter, she wrote the second. The third is here. To read the fourth, go here. The fifth installment is here. Read the sixth installment by clicking here. The seventh is here. Eight here. Nine is below.

Chapter 9 – Watching

“Workforce Management, Joyce” said the impossibly cheery for 5am voice.

“Yeah, this is David Twitchell. I’m not feeling well. Been up all night vomiting. I won’t be in today.”

“Sorry to hear that, David, but none of us need to catch anything from you!” Of course, thought David, all about herself. No one cares about anyone but themselves. “Let me just get your employee number and I’ll enter it in the computer.”

He rattled off his number and the call ended with  Joyce’s insincere “Feel better!”

David wasn’t sick, but he needed a day. Melody had been keeping him up, talking, texting, until the early hours of the morning every day. He needed to get some sleep.

He also had other plans.

Their talks each night were warm, intimate, fun and sexy. Neither of them wanted to get off the phone and go to sleep, no matter how soon the alarm would ring. Last night was no exception.

“I love these late night talks, David” Mel mused at 1:15 AM. Her voice was drowsy.

“Of course you do.” David snarked.

“Hey, be nice. Where is sweet David? I’m pretty sure he was here earlier.”

“I enjoy them too, Mel. We need to get some sleep. I’ll bet you’re in bed right now, aren’t you?”

“I’ve been in bed the whole time. Right now, I wish you were in bed holding me while I drift off to sleep.”

“That might be interesting. If I were there, I’m not sure we would sleep.”

“I’m defenseless after midnight…” Mel’s words trailed off.

“I’ll be there in an hour…” David joked, though he imagined the scene in his mind. He would imagine it in more detail after they hung up.

Melody would imagine too. She had many times. She found herself looking at the pictures of David on her phone often. Imagining his touch. His smell. Wanting the romance he so often wrote about on his blog. Wanting to be loved the way he talked about love. Wanting to be cherished by someone. Wanting that someone to be David.

She liked the way he made her feel. David was her daily drug.

David got up at 7. Earlier than he would have liked. He had a plan for today. He was parked outside Mel’s before 8 AM.

This morning David wanted to see Mel. He told himself it was all part of his plan, this is what a good serial killer would do, but it was a lie. The truth he couldn’t admit to himself: He was attracted to her. He wanted to see her, watch her move. If he were as clever as he pretended, he would have realized parking in front of her house was a bad move.  She could see his car. A neighbor could write down his plate.

A few minutes after arriving, David got the first glimpse of what he longed for: Melody came out of the house, tennis shoes, yoga pants, sports bra and tank. Brunette pony tail. He watched her stretch.


He huddled down in the seat as she began her run, the sidewalk across the street just yards away. He peaked up over the dash just in time to see her shapely ass and tight waist jogging away from him. Her ponytail bobbed seductively.


David was tempted to follow in his car then thought better of it. Too much of a risk. Seeing her “in the flesh” made him want to get closer. He thought through the possibilities and came up with a plan. He saved the number of her Chiropractic practice from the sign in his phone.

40 minutes passed before he saw her running toward him again. He again hid as she turned up her walk, rising to see her lithe body stretch once more before going into the house. He watched for another 15 before he saw her charcoal Acura TLX back out of the drive. He turned the key on his Taurus and followed a half block behind.

“Going for your Thursday ‘lesson’ with Anton, I see” mused David aloud.

David kept the Acura in view as he followed her the five minutes to Anton’s. She parked on the street and he pulled in a spot within sight, a half-block away. He watched as she popped out of the car, now wearing a vintage Rush T instead of her tank, and sprung up the steps to the door.

He liked the way she moved.

The door opened instantly and David caught just a glimpse of a bearded man as she entered. Then the door closed. David knew it would be 45 minutes before she emerged. He took the Taurus out of park and drove slowly by Anton’s. There was a sign in front, which he expected. What he didn’t expect was the name of Anton’s business. He thought it would be something about martial arts or personal defense. Instead it made him shudder.

“Petrescue Consulting Services – Computer and Internet Security”

David circled the block and returned to the spot he had vacated. He pulled out his phone and opened a browser, typing in the business name. He found Anton’s website. Among the services listed: Background checks.

“Shit, this could be bad” David spoke to the screen. His heart was racing the same way it did every time he feared being caught in one of his many lies.

“OK, let me think. Did I leave any loose ends for Anton to find?” He did a mental checklist. In his own mind he told himself he was certainly smarter than Anton. Smarter than most anybody, really. He had covered his tracks well. The pictures wouldn’t show up in any reverse image search. David Ridgeway was a common enough name it would be difficult for even an expert to locate the “right” one, and even if they tried, there wouldn’t be anyone there to find.

David calmed a bit. Now he had Anton’s last name. He decided to do a little “counter espionage” work of his own, googling “Anton Petrescue”. His bio said he had served with distinction in the Romanian Foreign Intelligence Service – Serviciul de Informații Externe (SIE). He had served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Anton was the “real deal.”

“I probably know more about him already then he will ever find out about me” thought David. Hubris was one of David’s many flaws. “Brains over brawn every time.” Despite the reassurance he attempted, he still felt the anxiety.

It was almost time for Mel’s lesson to be over, so he fixed his eyes on the door. She emerged, as did Anton. Full head of dark hair, thin but well muscled. Dark, full beard with grey at the sides. His rugged looks intimidated David. Then they hugged. David felt insecure jealousy pulse through him. Rage. Mel gave Anton a flirty wave as she opened the door to her car. Anton waved back.

“That bitch” David spewed through clenched teeth as he cranked the engine.

She pulled out and David followed just close enough to keep her in sight. Instead of going back to her home, she was taking a different route. David was still clenching his teeth when she pulled into Wegman’s. He parked a distance away and watched her move into the store. He thought about going in himself, but that would jeopardize the plan he had for later today.

He picked up the phone and speed dialed her. Mel answered with “I was just thinking about you.” Sure you were, bitch.

“So what are you doing this fine day, other than thinking about me?” David feigned lightheartedness the same way he did on his job.

“Just got done with my workout with Anton. Picking up a few groceries.” Mel innocently replied.

“So how is your bronze Adonis today?” Mel picked up the edge in David’s question.

“Oh, David, you don’t have to worry about Anton – he’s old enough to be my father…well, at least my uncle. We even talked about you today.” Mel left out the questions Anton asked were less than encouraging for her budding relationship.

“Oh, I see…did you kick his ass?”

“I wish! He is amazingly fast and fit. I can barely keep up.” Her observation hit David’s insecurities again.

“Probably strong too” David observed.

“What’s gotten into you today? Are you feeling a bit jealous? Anton is just my teacher and my friend. That’s all.” Mel decided to change the topic. “How’s work today? You usually only call me after.”

“I’m writing some ad copy for IBM. It’s boring,” David lied, “I thought I’d give myself a treat.”

“I’m ready to check out, you’ll call me later, right?” Her voice was cheery. David calmed some, feeling reassured she desired to talk to him.

“Count on it.” He certainly did.

David hung up and waited a few more minutes until Mel emerged, two bags in hand. He followed her back to her house and drove by as she pulled in. He returned to his apartment, plopped himself into his chair and got out his phone once again, pressing dial.

“Rivers’ Chiropractic” the receptionist answered.

“Yes, my name is David Twitchell. I need an appointment to see Dr. Rivers as soon as possible.”

Continued here…







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  1. Reblogged this on Meg Sorick writes (better than she dresses) and commented:
    Here is the latest chapter in Double Seduction – s novella of suspense, written in collaboration with Fictional Kevin. It’s Kevin’s turn this week so comments are turned off. Go show him some love!

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  2. thebrunetteinthepinkscarf says:

    Fictional Kevin, this is great! So does Anton just workout with Mel, because we just found out he has a computer and Internet security business. I’m sure David’s blood boils when he thinks about that. Green with envy much? Oh and another thing… I could have sworn Mel was a blonde….

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  3. drshellking says:

    Narcissistic Rage is a thing.
    Nail, meet head. You did an awesome job on his jealousy, how fragile his ego, sense of self, and his fears really are.
    I love how you’re showing his Narcissism peeking through in how he’s losing his grip when talking with Mel, which makes it all the more believable.

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  4. Hmm! That David is a sneaky snake! I knew I didn’t like him and each moment he helps firm my decision. I hope Anton gets to dig out pay dirt about him.

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  5. What a creep. This gets better and better.

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  6. I just realized that Anton’s last name is Pet Rescue. How could I not love him?

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  7. Wandering Soul says:

    Loved this , again! This part was really good. Was great to see David rattled by Anton. But with Mel, his relationship is developing. That’s worrying.
    You both sure are keeping us on edge. Wonder what happens next?

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  8. Lula Harp says:

    Ooooh this is good. David is starting to make mistakes and Anton is an animal lover. One more reasons Friday’s are so much fun

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  9. Okay. So if I’m following this correctly—Mel will introduce David to Anton and they fall madly in love and Mel is left out in the cold. Right? No? Oh damn. I better re-read this whole series! hahaha
    Great job, you two! Can’t wait until the next exciting episode!

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  10. Deb says:

    The Anton character just getting more and more into this Love it.

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