Double Seduction – 7

Double Seduction

Dr. Meg and I are writing a little novella we hope you will enjoy and keep you in suspense. I wrote the first chapter, she wrote the second. The third is here. To read the fourth, go here. The fifth installment is here. Read the sixth installment by clicking here. The seventh is below.

Chapter 7 – Texting


David cursed aloud as he read the email from Mel. He pulled a beer soaked blur of a memory from his mind, recalling his rant on that bitch’s blog. He didn’t break character often, but he had there, and the revelation in Mel’s mind could ruin his plans. He immediately felt a shudder of anxiety. He felt exposed.

The Facebook question surprised him. He had assumed she would attempt to “Google” him, but he didn’t realize she knew how to do a reverse image search. Clever. But the image was easy to explain away. The comment would be harder.

“Think,” David spoke to the bare apartment walls as he paced,”I need to pretend I am being completely open and honest with her. Disarming. Give her no cause for fear or alarm.”


Good to hear back from you!

I’m sure that comment sent you into overdrive, it did me too. I didn’t make it – or the other hateful comments I’ve managed to get deleted. Here’s what happened:

Someone, I don’t know who, got upset with me for some reason. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but when you try to make a comment on WordPress and you are not logged in, you can put in whatever name, domain and email you choose. This person decided to “get back at me” by making hateful comments on other people’s blogs claiming to be me. I’m actually surprised they didn’t make any similar comments on yours. When it was brought to my attention I contacted the bloggers and told them it wasn’t me but someone posing as me and they deleted the comments.

He had actually done this to another blogger who had angered him. It was the perfect excuse. He was the victim, not the perpetrator. Mel would feel sorry for him rather than run from him.

Now to “thank” her for bringing it to his attention:

It’s a bit horrifying you thought it was maybe me who had made the comment. I’m glad you brought it up so I could give you the truth. I’ll contact B&R and let her know so she can delete it as well.

Now on to the Facebook sketch.

The Facebook sketch is NOT me. I probably shouldn’t have lifted the pic I found online, but I was just starting, had no readers and wanted to preserve my anonymity. I’m sure you understand.

She offered to “talk,” David thought it was the perfect opening to move along their faux relationship.

About Savannah…

Your empathy means a great deal. I too have felt a kinship with you and feel as if I know you despite us never having spoken and barely exchanged emails. I would love to “talk”. And though I suspect by “talk” you meant “email”, I’m going to give you my cell number. Feel free to use it or not. A friend right now to give me perspective would be welcome, but I’m cool with just email if that’s what your comfortable with. It is (484)555-1922.

Use it or not, it’s up to you.

David hoped she would call. He imagined late night sexually charged conversations moving her. But he needed to do one more thing to alleviate any fear she might still harbor.

Based on what you found online, I wanted to give you my “real” identity as well. I’m sure meeting someone online can stir up all kinds of fears in a woman – especially one who is smart, attractive and single. I don’t have a Facebook. But I have attached some pics of me. My real name is David Ridgeway. As you can understand, please don’t connect my name to my blog publicly. I want to remain anonymous.

He attached a few of the pictures he had pilfered from the obituary. Not all of them – he would dole those out to her over time. He wanted her to think they were “new” not taken of a dead man years ago. The idea of luring a victim using pictures of a dead man made him smile.

I hope you’ll respond with with email, text or call. I’ll be looking for it.


Within moments of hitting send, David’s phone chirped a text.

Mel: Hi David, it’s Mel. I just read your email. I’d love to talk in a few. Have to deal with something here at the house. 20 min ok? 9:29 PM

The trap was sprung and Melody Rivers was caught in it. David responded immediately.

David: Wow, thanks for getting back to me. I appreciate you sharing your phone. 20 min is fine. 9:30 PM

Mel: Ok 9:30 PM

David: I’m here whenever you get back. Excited to hear from you. 9:32 PM

Charming. Gracious. 21 minutes later, his phone lit up with another text.

Mel: I’m back! Heard a crash outside, had to check it out. It’s all good. Anyway, thanks for letting me know what happened with the comment, that’s terrible. Also, I appreciate you giving me your personal info. I know you’ve been trying to stay anonymous. Thanks for sharing that. 9:53 PM

David: I figure you probably aren’t a serial killer. What’s the chance of TWO serial killers meeting online? 9:54 PM

Mel: You’re such a smart ass! So I’m sorry to hear about S. Are you ok? 9:56 PM

David: Thanks. It’s hard right now. I thought after a year of mostly ups and a few downs, she felt pretty much as I did – as I do. 9:57 PM

David: BTW her real name is Joan. She’s from Savannah. Moved to Allentown a few years ago. 9:57 PM

Mel: She wasn’t being honest with you. I know how that feels… 10:00 PM

David: You do? 10:02 PM

Mel: I think I’ve mentioned that I’m divorced… he cheated. 10:02 PM

David: I’m so sorry. But like I have been telling myself the last few days, it’s in my past. My future is going to be awesome. It’s a bump in the road. 10:03 PM

Mel: That’s a great attitude! I’m glad to see that! Your post really made me sad… 10:04 PM

David: Now I can find another amazing woman who finds me amazing too. It will happen. My life is always good. 10:06 PM

David: amazing is rare, but I seem to find it in many people. Like you, for instance. You’re pretty amazing. 10:06 PM

David: What was your big 20 min crisis? 10:12 PM

Mel: Something crashed outside. Twice. I had to check it out. My firewood pile toppled over and hit the trash can. Probably squirrels. It made a mess though 10:15 PM

David: Wow, do you live in a wooded area? 10:16 PM

Mel: Well… Sort of. It’s an older neighborhood with lots of mature trees. But I am still in the city 10:18 PM

David: If you don’t mind my asking, where do you live? You don’t have to share. I live in Allentown, PA. 10:21 PM

Mel: No it’s ok. I’m in Bryn Mawr, not far from the college. 10:22 PM

Mel: You ever go to the Allentown Fair? 10:22 PM

David: I have, several years ago. I’m drawing a blank on where Bryn Mawr is? What’s it near? 10:23 PM

Mel: Seriously? It’s just outside Philadelphia, north and west on the way to Valley Forge. You should know that! Allentown isn’t that far! 🙂 10:25 PM

David: I haven’t gone to Philly much. I just tell my chauffeur where I want to go and he takes me. Don’t you do the same? 10:26 PM

David: I figured your 20 min crisis was you getting finished with your latest boy toy 10:27 PM

Mel: Ha! You’re funny! 10:27 PM

Mel: I need more than 20 min… 10:27 PM

David: Well, if he knows what he’s doing. I can assure you, I always know what I am doing. 10:28 PM

Mel: Do you now? 10:28 PM

David: To make love to a woman properly you have to cherish her. Sex is banal. Making love means cherishing, savoring her completely. Taking over mind before body 10:29 PM

David: Captivating, teasing, being in control of her experience and eventual release. It takes time. Hours. 10:30 PM

Mel: Well…. You do have my attention! 10:30 PM

David: Women are typically unaware of even their own body. They never give it much thought and men certainly don’t. I studied to learn techniques that are unusual 10:31 PM

David: It’s hard to think about giving up sex, but I also won’t have sex with someone I’m not in love with. Been there, done that. 10:34 PM

Mel: And that’s how I feel too. I’m not shy but I didn’t expect that… Not yet anyway. 10:35 PM

David: You’re single single? No man in the shadows? 10:35 PM

Mel: Not really. Ha! Unless you count my friend Anton. He’s just about my only RW friend right now. 10:36 PM

David: I love full-out. I want to cherish someone again. I know it will happen. Finding “amazing” once again. 10:36 PM

David: How long have your been divorced? 10:37 PM

Mel: I can’t keep up with you! 10:37 PM

David: “That’s what she said…” 10:38 PM

Mel: I’ve been officially divorced for a few weeks, separated for 18 mos. it was a nasty divorce 10:38 PM

Mel: Lol!!! 10:38 PM

David: Wow, so did the decree sting? 10:39 PM

Mel: He tried to ruin me financially as well as emotionally. I’m all right tho. Getting back on my feet! 10:40 PM

David: Now that it’s official, is Anton going to be more than a friend? 10:40 PM

Mel: Ha! No, it’s not like that! 10:41 PM

David: A smart, accomplished woman like you deserves to have someone cherish their every breath. You need to find that someone. 10:42 PM

Mel: Thank for that. Maybe someday… 10:43 PM

David: Life is short. I grab it by the balls and hold on for the ride. You should try it. It’s liberating. I asked you a Q you never answered… 10:44 PM

Mel: I celebrate life, now that it’s my own again! What Q? 10:45 PM

David: May not matter now, but I’m curious: What would make a romantic day for you? 10:46 PM

Mel: Oh! From the email! Sorry, forgot! Mm, let’s see… Depends on the time of year. Maybe a day hiking? Dinner at home later, cooking together, wine, and um dessert…. 10:50 PM

David: “Dessert” is the best part after a wonderful, intimate, joy filled time. I’m missing the idea of “dessert” 10:51 PM

Mel: Haha! Sweet tooth, huh? Me too! 10:52 PM

David: Yeah, something like that. We’re sexual beings but we’re also mental/emotional ones. The only way sex is great is when there is the other connection, ya know? 10:53 PM

Mel: I hear that. 10:53 PM

David: Right now my chest aches as I think about how it felt to wake up with Joan’s head pressed against it, my arms around her soft body… 10:54 PM

David: Sometimes, most times, that was better than making love. Tho it usually lead to the latter. 10:54 PM

Mel: I’m so sorry. 10:54 PM

David: Have you experienced that in your own life? Did your husband, at least for a time, cherish you? Your mind? Your heart? Your body? 10:55 PM

Mel: I thought he did. But looking back I’m not sure 10:56 PM

David: If you’re not sure I wonder if he ever did. Tho I can’t speak for your relationship. When one is cherished soul and body, one would know. 10:57 PM

Mel: Do you think so? I’ve been fooled once… 10:58 PM

David: If someone cherishes you, it’s more than words, more than sex. It’s how they hold you, touch you. It’s how they make your coffee. Listen to your words. 10:59 PM

David: It’s knowing, without them even saying, you can trust them to never betray you, to have your back. 11:00 PM

Mel: But I do want that again 11:00 PM

David: Are you a bit jaded now? I refuse to be. 11:00 PM

Mel: I guess so. I’m trying not to be. I want to be in love again, to be loved and to give love. Maybe it’s just too soon. 11:01 PM

David: Based on what you write. Based on who you are. You deserve to love and be loved in the way you’ve always dreamed of. We both do. 11:02 PM

Mel: You’re amazing, David. 11:03 PM

David: What does Anton advise you about men? 11:03 PM

Mel: Anton wants me to be careful 11:04 PM

Mel: I can take care of myself! 11:04 PM

David: I know I’m amazing and that’s why I won’t settle for less than. Anton is right, you should be careful. You’re a catch in every way. I’ve thought about it… 11:05 PM

David: And I’m sure you can take care of yourself. 11:05 PM

Mel: Stop! 🙂 you’re making me blush! 11:05 PM

David: It’s just this: When I was in my recently ended relationship, I still appreciated other women’s attributes. I am not a cheat, but I still said to myself “someone would be lucky to be with that person” 11:07 PM

David: I recognized your amazing a long time ago. 11:07 PM

Mel: “That person” meaning me? 11:07 PM

David: Of course. If I had been single, I would have certainly tried to get to know you personally. Kinda like we are now. 11:08 PM

Mel: What are you thinking? 11:08 PM

David: I’d like to get to know you better. See if we click IRL as well as we do on the blogs. This is a good start. We’re both attractive in many ways and we find each other so. Not anything serious, but we should talk. Get to know one another. I have a sexy voice… 11:10 PM

Mel: Then you should call me next time. Now you have my number… 11:11 PM

David: Honesty: I’m not sure I’m ready. My emotions are a mess right this minute. Despite my bluster, I’m hurting pretty deeply. But I think I might like that. 11:13 PM

Mel: I get it. Believe me. Whenever you want, then. I’ll wait to hear from you. 11:14 PM

David: I’ve enjoyed texting with you. Thank you for connecting. We’ll do this again soon. Maybe something even better. I need to go get some things done. 11:16 PM

Mel: Ok goodnight! 11:16 PM

David: Sweet Dreams ; ) 11:16 PM

Mel: 😉 11:17 PM

(Continued reading here…)



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  2. Hmmm….that was a smart move by David, Mel better be more careful and not so trusting of him!
    Good going with the story!

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  3. I would totally get sucked in! I guess I better watch out for serial killers…

    Great job — I always look forward to the next installments!

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  4. I liked it, it was a little long and I had to read it a few times to really catch all the comments. But kind of that sense of foreboding that is great in a mystery. A wariness between them that I liked. Is she comfortable with his sexual comments, do you think? Good job, I was chomping at the bit this morning cause I had to leave and you were late posting, lol

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  5. drshellking says:

    “What are the chances of two serial killers meeting on line?”
    Well, I’m not sure about where the plot is going, but we shall see about that.

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  6. thebrunetteinthepinkscarf says:

    Fictional Kevin…I have a few thoughts, as you must have presumed. Perhaps, Mel is actually in on David…you know, from the beginning. If Mel is single, smart, independent, and beautiful…she’s going to have more than just Anton. Just sayin’…not speaking from experience, whatsoever! 😉 Who knows…Mel might not even be her real name. Who gives their real name out these days? She could be ‘collecting numbers’ just as David is doing. Haha! That statement made me laugh. This could all be a made up story Mel is telling to David. This story is seeming a bit familiar, btw…..

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  7. Deb says:

    Well…that took a completely different direction than I thought. I am just going to be waiting to be pleasantly surprised from now on. But that chat…waaaay to familiar. For a single girl,that was a creepy read.
    Loving this more and more.

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  8. So David still creeps me out…I know he’s supposed to…but, he really does. “Slime-ball” comes to mind. Great writing! Hate waiting a whole week for the next installment!

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  9. Wandering Soul says:

    This was brilliantly written. i was so scared about the crash, thought it was him. Then that email ping too. So far, she’s been safe. Hope it remains so.

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  10. Nena says:

    I gotta catch up! Enjoying what I am reading thus far;)
    BTW, I recently moved to a self-hosted site and the following is my latest post:

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  11. It’s fun getting these notifications and seeing you reading through each chapter of DS. Interested in hearing your impressions – good and bad – once you’ve caught up. This is my first “real” attempt at a shortish fiction piece. Feel free to comment or leave a comment to give us your input.


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  19. […] fourth, go here. The fifth installment is here. Read the sixth installment by clicking here. The seventh is here. Eight here. Nine can be found here. Meg has written chapter 10, go over to her blog to read it. […]


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