Double Seduction 6 – Connection

Double Seduction

Dr. Meg and I are writing a little novella we hope you will enjoy and keep you in suspense. I wrote the first chapter, she wrote the second. The third is here. To read the fourth, go here. The fifth installment is here. Go to her blog to read the sixth installment and comment by clicking here.

Chapter 6 – Connection

Mel hauled the groceries out to her Acura and stowed them in the trunk. She was sore from this morning’s workout with Anton — he’d been tough on her because she’d been distracted. He’d taken her down enough times that she was suffering the consequences. She relished the thought of a nice long soak in the tub, a glass of wine and the steak she’d just had the butcher wrap up for her.

Ten minutes later she turned onto the tree-lined avenue where her home office was located. A beater of a Ford Taurus was parked across from her driveway… (Click here to continue reading…)