He Didn’t Miss Her

Missing Her

They were to be apart for most of three weeks. She had company, then a conference, then a retreat. He left Tuesday morning.

He wanted Her to know He didn’t miss her….

When He closed the browser and saw Her picture as His wallpaper…

When the phone dinged a text and He saw it wasn’t Her…

When He woke in the early morning to His empty bed…

When He tried to write but only wanted His Muse…

He didn’t miss feeling Her in his arms, Her warmth, Her eyes, Her kiss or the way Her skin felt as He traced Her lines with His finger. He didn’t miss Her sleeping next to Him while He read, His hand on the small of her back. He didn’t miss waking up with Her, sitting across from Her, sharing conversation and coffee.

No, He didn’t miss Her at all.


10 Comments on “He Didn’t Miss Her”

  1. Beautiful words and a lucky girl. ❤️

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  2. […] The plan was for them to be apart for 17 days. She had company, then a conference, then a weekend retreat. They both loved and hated the times apart. They enjoyed the longing. They enjoyed the intensity it bred into their reunions. But they also missed the talk, the laugh, the touch. […]

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  3. Reblogged this on The Red Lotus Room and commented:
    This is for anyone who misses their muse…

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    • Thank you! I appreciate the encouragement. I’m at Waco’s this week. Got here Friday and may stay all week, might go home tomorrow. We’ll see. Either way it’s nice to be together again.

      Edit: I noticed you always tweeted this post. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I appreciate it.


  4. […] He knew they would be apart He would take down His pictures of Her. The wallpaper on His phone and computers changed from Her smile to something that didn’t immediately remind Him of Her. Pictures that […]


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