Long Distance Love Messages


When He got the text at 8:30pm it surprised him. Not the text itself, but the question mark. They often texted “LYGN” before bed – shorthand for “Love You, Good Night”. He checked his phone and realized He missed Her first LYGN sent a half-hour before.

He replied telling Her He loved her, and to sleep well. These coded snippets meant a great deal to him. They would be apart for over two weeks and being tucked in by Her was warmth and joy.

It started October 7, 2014.

She had been trying to figure out this “dating” thing after a couple decades of marriage. He had already figured it out, though He hadn’t experienced anyone like Her.

They had been talking and texting for just over two months, but had not met in person. He was already falling for her. She was smitten, but still thought He had a hidden agenda.

Each night they got on the phone and talked for hours. Their talks were warm and intimate. They both looked forward to them and didn’t want them to end.

“We need to have a way to say ‘goodbye'” She told Him.

It was too early for love, but they both felt…something…and expressing that something in words was hard.  So that Tuesday night in October, when they had hung up after a long conversation in the tiny hours of the morning, She texted him: “LYB” – “Love You, Bye”.

Many months later now they would tell each openly “I love you“, but they still used the shorthand she invented most nights by text.

And each time She did, it made His heart sing.


19 Comments on “LYB”

  1. thebrunetteinthepinkscarf says:

    Wait, what is this “LYB”? Love you bye?

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  2. Is it love you, babe? Did you meet through an online dating site? I know several people who have and its worked out well for them. Is it in your back posts and I just haven’t been interested enough to read them all? Cause I will now!

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    • We met through eHarmony. It worked well for me – dated a number of appealing women before Waco – but when I talked to women about it, they were less pleased with the men they found. Except me, OF COURSE.

      LYB is “Love You, Bye” since we used it to sign off.

      We still use it fairly often. Most often when I am leaving Chattanooga in the middle of a work day and text her that I am on the road.

      You might enjoy the previous Waco posts. If you scroll all the way to the beginning you can read them in reverse order and get a chronology of our relationship.

      I’ve considered putting them into book form with a collection of our texts and a few emails and publishing it. Meg thinks it should be a screen play.

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      • Aww, sweet. I think my nephew and his wife met on and are expecting their first baby in June. She was the third girl he met through there. I do think it’s harder nowadays. Of course you were the best guy, probably on all of eharmony! I met hubby the old fashioned way, picked him up in a bar 🙂 But you kids nowadays, it’s all high tech!!

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      • I was good at “dating” but getting a woman’s attention is easy compared to finding the RIGHT woman and getting her to fall in love with you. That was much more difficult. I am fortunate Waco and I navigated the waters and got to where we are now. We’ll see where it goes from here, but I see us being together for the long haul.

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      • I was good at dating when I was young and at the bars. Second time around would be much harder, I think, all the baggage on both sides. If I end up alone, I think I’ll just get a cat…

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      • That’s illegal in most states.

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  3. Shut up, you perv. You know what I meant!!

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  4. Rita says:

    This is wonderful ❤️

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