Loved this from Siren’s Song. -Kevin

Siren Whispers

FullSizeRender.jpgThere can be such devastation in love.

We give ourselves up to the romance

the passion

the absolute knowing of another.

We gladly sink into the essence of the other person.

Often we give all of ourselves

as a way of aligning with the one we love.

We want them to know us

to accept us.

Unconditional love

such a precious thing.

We don’t realize how much we desperately want to be seen

to be known

to be accepted

and yes, loved

for who we are

not for who they think we should be.

We can be denied this for years

never realising what was missing

until one day we are shown.

Our eyes are opened

our souls are touched

we are released from the chains

we’ve been bound in.

We realize just how hungry we are to have it

how it consumes every single, solitary inch of us

until we are…

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