Stubborn Sexy Couple

They are both stubborn.

The surest way to get Her to do something is to tell Her She can’t. She holds Her opinions strongly. She is kind, gentle and supportive, but Her stubborn streak is still strong. To say She is self-assured is an understatement.

He needs a stubborn woman. Strength. Challenge. Someone to ground his grandiose plans.

He is stubborn too, though in a different way. His ego doesn’t need to be right. Doesn’t need to prove itself. He can bend around Her stubborn. Laugh. Laugh at it. Sometimes, laugh at Her while she pouts.

His stubbornness shows most in His tenacity. His patience to work, to wait. Early on He decided to win Her heart. She rebuffed. She hid. He persevered, knowing She was a prize worth working for, waiting for.

She needs him to be stubborn. She doesn’t like to be seen. She doesn’t like people to know her thoughts. He took time to see Her. Know Her. Coax out Her thoughts, despite Her efforts to conceal them.

When He told Her many months ago He loved Her, it made Her squirm. He assured Her She would love Him too…eventually.

And now, after Her stubborn was finally overcome by His, She did.




16 Comments on “Stubborn”

  1. Amen brother! A little is a good thing. Told me that I knew what I wanted, for certain.

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  2. thebrunetteinthepinkscarf says:

    Being stubborn is a challenge for both parties! Challenges are always welcome from my male counterparts. đŸ˜›

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Aww, how could she not be won over by all that persistence?

    Liked by 1 person

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