Why Bernie is a lot like Trump

Trump Sanders

I’ll bet the title ticked you off, huh?

That’s OK. I figure it’s a pretty divisive title. If you can stifle the fire of your ire for a bit, let’s see if I can defend it, K? Thanks.

When Trump first came on the scene, he made bold claims about what he would do as president. Instantly everyone talked about how he couldn’t do many of those things. You can’t legally require Muslims to register. You can’t deport 11 million people in 2 years. Heck, you can’t even find them in 2 years. The president doesn’t have unilateral authority to do whatever the fuck he wants.

That’s called checks and balances. It’s there, in that Constitution thingy. I read it once.

Most reasonable people realize his bold ideas are unpossible to implement. Either they violate the Constitution, or he could never get them past congress, or they are just, well, unpossible on their face.

But people who support Donald Trump are either blind to these realities or support him for other reasons, like they want a glimpse of the First Lady’s lady bits.

How is this like Grandpa Bernie, the lovable curmudgeon hero of the middle class? Some of you are ahead of me already. For those who took the short bus to the blog, I’ll explain:

While people love to hate Trump, people love The Bern. Sure he smells a little oldmanish, but he makes good points. The wealth gap is a problem. Healthcare is a problem. The middle class is struggling in basic areas.

I agree with him 100% when he identifies the problems. Heck, on some of them, even Trump does.

But think through what he says he is going to do: Single payer healthcare for all. I heard about that once. This black guy came to Washington and sweated bullets to make it happen. In the end, Congress wouldn’t go for it. They won’t go for it with Bernie, either. Not because it’s not a good idea. Not because it doesn’t work well in other countries. Just because they are ideologues. They don’t yet “Feel the Bern.”

(As I side note, I DID feel the Bern. I found it surprisingly leathery and a little sticky. He seemed to enjoy it though.)

How about free college for all? Again, radical move. It would put us on par with other western countries. At least it’s not illegal (I’m looking at you, Trump) but without a complete change in Congress, it’s not going to happen either.

Is it possible Bernie will be elected and then suddenly all the red states (and a few of the blue) will defenestrate their current senators and congressman/women and replace them with Stepford Wife like Bernie Bots? It is possible, it is not remotely likely.

On the Trump side we have bold ideas (whether you agree with him or not, you gotta at least say he says bold things) that cannot in the foreseeable future ever get implemented. On the Bernie side, you see the same. You may like one and not the other, but they’re kinda similar.

I don’t care how you vote. Heck, in most states, how you vote will have no impact on who gets elected president anyway. I live in Tennessee, baring Jesus himself appearing on Bill O’Reilly and endorsing the Democratic nominee, those 10 electoral votes are going to the Elephant in the room.

Just don’t be silly and think Bernie can get the things he wants done much better than Trump can get his. You may like and vote for Bernie for all kinds of good reasons. Getting those things done shouldn’t be some of them.

Feel free to correct me in the comments if you disagree.




10 Comments on “Why Bernie is a lot like Trump”

  1. drshellking says:

    Great job. I have no problem with Bernie Sanders. Hell I even like him. It’s his followers who are a bit creepy.

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  2. These kinds of comparisons don’t really irritate me. They are interesting, and they illustrate a psychological phenomenon I forget the name of, where you assume two things are alike, until you re-examine them and discover they aren’t at all beneath superficial similarities.

    Sanders has been working diligently in both houses of Congress for 25 years, writing more amendments to more bills that have passed and become law than any other current member. Trump has no government experience of any kind, and thinks government should be run like a business.

    Sanders is thoughtful in responding to questions, and intentionally tries to avoid personal insults. Trump says what he thinks immediately, including conspiracy theories, racist, sexist assertions and obscenities.

    I can hardly think of two more different people when you compare the important things.

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    • Which does not in any way address how he gets single payer done, for example. And it kinda seems like it irritated you, a little bit.


      • It was Obama who abandoned the single-payer idea, under GOP pressure. But voters have taken another look, now that they’ve seen what happens when you concede the shape of a law to those who profit from it financially – the insurers. Sanders wrote the sections of the PPACA about preventative care, and unlike many members, knew the entire law intimately. He also understands how to expand it toward “Medicare for All”. It’s actually a simpler structure than the PPACA. I work in health care (currently medical imaging, but have had many different positions). It makes sense to me.

        No, really, it didn’t irritate me. I saw it as an opportunity. I WANT Trump to be the GOP nominee for one thing. I believe he’s the most beatable, no matter who’s up against him. People would be entertained by “Archie Bunker with money” for the entire campaign, and then he would win maybe 10 out of 50 states.

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      • Under O the GOP has had one agenda: Obstruction. I don’t see that changing. Do you?


      • It’s more likely for that to change if one of their tribe (Congress) gets elected, from either party. If HRC gets elected, less chance of that changing.

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  3. So really their only similarity is the inability to get their agendas enacted. It is creepy that you felt Bernie.

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  4. I agree with your post and I agree with Dr Meg Sorick, it was creepy that you felt up Bernie AND you are one sick Bastard. 🙂

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