Saying Goodbye

Benz in the Truck Mirror

This is just an update for anyone who’s playing along at home.

Last week was tough.

All day Sunday and into Sunday night, Benz was sick. Waco cuddled with him on the bed and made him as comfortable as possible. Neither slept all night.

Monday morning he had a seizure. She took him to the vet’s and they were unable to do anything for him. He died a little before 9am.

Waco came home, empty collar and his toy in hand, and cried. We knew this day was coming, and that it might come soon, but her pain was intense. She called and asked me to come down that afternoon.

She had a doctor’s appointment of her own in the afternoon, so when I arrived the house was empty.  I walked in to the living room and found Benz’ collar and his booboo laid out neatly on the ottoman. That’s when I cried.

Monday evening was difficult, as expected. Tuesday was as well. She didn’t want to come home to the reminders in every corner, so we went out. We came home and continued our drinking. We talked. Cried a bit.

Over the weekend we stayed busy. Caught up on some chores. Waco did some crafting. Went to a Superbowl party. I came home Tuesday morning.

Last night was Waco’s first night coming home to an empty house. No sound of Benz’ collar jingling, no greeting her at the door. She likes to process alone so I didn’t talk to her about it. I’m sure she cried, but I’m sure she did fine.



16 Comments on “Saying Goodbye”

  1. koolaidmoms says:

    Awe. So sorry for your loss. Even years later I will hear a noise and think it is one of my dogs. Even knowing they have been gone several years they are never truly gone in our hearts.

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  2. nugget59 says:

    😥 Again, sorry for your loss. Dogs fill up a house/heart in ways you don’t realize until they are gone. Take care.

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  3. Rita says:

    So very sorry, Kevin

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  4. That sucks ass. One of the hardest things to go through. 😔

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  5. So very sorry. I dread the day when our beloved pet departs. Your photo was such a simple, heartfelt tribute. No words were needed.

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  6. Hold on tight to each other. You will find that the love and support you share will help you find a place for your loss to softly live. Sending love and only the best to you both. XO


  7. literally says:

    So so sorry. Losing a pet is losing family. I’m so glad you were there for her.

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  8. Only just able to comment here. Too close to home. It’s twelve months since we lst out fifteen year old Cavalier King Charles, Lucy. I still hear her bark sometimes. I’ve thought of you this week. Hope things are a little easier

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