34 Comments on “Sadness”

  1. Rita says:

    😦 I’m so sorry if this means what I am thinking. I hope I’m wrong though.

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  2. I’m also guessing but if so I’m so sorry for your loss xx

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  3. So very sorry, Kevin. This is rough. 😢

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  4. Oh, poor Waco. Poor you. I’m sure she felt very lucky to have been his human… Hugs to you both!

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  5. Sabiscuit says:

    I am sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine how devastated everyone is right now. Big hugs to you.

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    • Thank you. Hugs go a long way. I’m glad I was able to be here for Waco and I’m glad over the last year+ I got to know Benz. Waco’s grown children all live in Texas so she didn’t have anyone else here who knew him.

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      • Sabiscuit says:

        I was wondering where you’d disappeared to and was not expecting to hear this at all. You’ll do fine, I’m sure but until that time comes, I wish you all the best.

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      • Disappearing had more to do with work keeping me busy. This was “sudden-ish”. Benz has been sick more on than off for months, but this past week he had seemed to perk up. Sunday he nosedived.

        Waco was able to spend Sunday with just him (I was back in Knoxville) and they snuggled together for the day. He got much worse overnight and passed Monday morning.

        We knew the day would come, and it did. She’s happy she got alone time with him. He passed as easily as possible. He didn’t suffer much or long, and he had been in her arms for hours and hours.

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      • Sabiscuit says:

        That is sad to know he took a sudden downward turn, but it is good that he was not lonely in the end. xo

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  6. So sorry. Lost my doggie 1 year ago. :/

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    • I’m sorry for your loss as well. It’s funny grieving a dog. You miss them, you have all the same feelings as losing a relative, but as a society we don’t have all the transitional rituals in place. I’m glad I was able to come and help Waco a bit with the transition.

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      • Yep, what you say is true. People respect pet grief more now than the old days though. I don’t hear “just a dog…get another” as much as when I was little. Maybe it’s just my people. But you right, there’s no expected transitional/traditional ritual. Again, my thoughts are with you. Losing a long time pet is very hard.

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  7. olganm says:

    So sorry. My love to Waco too.

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  8. This makes my heart ache. I’m sorry for your loss.

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  9. Thinkdigest says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss Kevin.

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  10. nugget59 says:

    Hey fictionalkevin – I’m really sorry to hear about Benz. I’m glad he had a happy life with Waco and that he was able to get to know you too! Dogs are some of the best people I’ve ever met. Sending good thoughts to both you and Waco.

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  11. drshellking says:

    I’m so sorry, Kevin.

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  12. […] in the afternoon, so when I arrived the house was empty.  I walked in to the living room and found Benz’ collar and his booboo laid out neatly on the ottoman. That’s when I […]


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