Please Stay

Please Stay

The original plan was for Him to come down to Her’s on Friday, go back to His on Monday. That was their routine.

When Thursday came, the threat of snow on Friday made it seem a good idea to come down on Thursday. So He did. They had a wonderful weekend. He had lost a bet a couple months ago, rooting against Her Cowboys, so He took her to Rain, Her favorite restaurant. They checked out the greasy fare at Southside Social. They made love.

They talked about a couple issues that were difficult, but they did so without too much pain. They got closer rather than finding a wedge.

On Sunday She was resolute. “I have the new project, I want this week to be all about work. I won’t ask you to stay.” She had a habit of texting Him at the last minute, often after He had packed to leave, and asking Him to stay.

So Monday morning, that was the plan. He kissed Her goodbye. She drove off to work. His plan was to work at Her’s until 2pm or so, then leave himself.

11:25am She texted: “Don’t hit me but I do wish you were staying.” So He stayed. That night they shopped together after work, watched X-Files, made love. All of it was perfectly intimate.

Tuesday morning they said their goodbye again. She drove off to work. Benz stood by the window and watched after her, willing her to come back. He planned to leave a bit late, probably around 3pm. She texted him at 2:49. “I think I want you to stay, but if you can’t, that’s completely understandable.”

Another wonderful night.

Wednesday He had to leave. Had to be in Knoxville for a morning appointment. So they said their goodbye once again. She was going to be working late and so was He. He finally left Suess House at 6pm.

A week together. It was always amazing when they were together, always fun. This was something more. He couldn’t quite put His finger on it, but He knew He wanted to do it again. Every day.


67 Comments on “Please Stay”

  1. Thank goodness you posted, I was having Fictional Kevin withdrawal. Can I come to the wedding?

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  2. Welcome back! Glad you guys had a nice long time together. How much snow did you get? We got buried and the snow blower conked out!

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  3. Meritings says:

    41 years married. Now, what would I recommend?

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  4. I hope your forever or your happily ever after looks exactly the way that works best for the two of you. Watching this relationship grow, develop and become stronger has been a beautiful thing to see. πŸ™‚

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  6. […] made plans to be together over the weekend. He looked forward to it, to Her voice, Her touch, Her smell, Her body. Laughter. […]


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