My Writing Style

Writing is EasyThis morning Dr. Meg made a comment saying she took an online writing style analysis. I thought it sounded like fun, so I did. Since I write several different types of things, I did the analysis based on tags.

When I used my entire blog, the test came back H.P. Lovecraft.

When I used the sex tag, the test came back Cory Doctorow.

When I used the fiction tag, the test came back William Gibson.

When I used the poetry tag, the test came back with James Joyce.

When I used the romance tag, the test came back Stephanie Meyer.

That’s when I decided to stop. Permanently.

If you’re brave and don’t mind being told you’re E.L. James, you can take the analysis here.


22 Comments on “My Writing Style”

  1. Hahahaahahaha! I did the same kind of thing with mine. Narrative sections of my books, dialogue sections, blog posts. 4 out of 5 times it came back Pahalniuk! The 5th time it was… brace yourself… Agatha Christie!

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  2. Cally says:

    I smiled when it said l write like William Shakespeare. I plan to try it a few more times with different samples.

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  3. drshellking says:

    Alright, it’s not so bad being likened to Dan Brown, but it’s not what I’m going for. I need a new style anyway, if I can be said to have a style.

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  4. I got H.P. Lovecraft, Stephen King, James Joyce, Cory Doctorow. Where the hell is “I Write Like Deon Mumple?”

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  5. olganm says:

    I also got Stephanie Meyer at some point and decided to stop… One can’t live up to that..

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  6. Kristina says:

    ahhahaha, i was thinking how much I miss the angry christian turning atheist/agnostic writer.

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