The Post

Willow Tree Murder Scene

Kevin located the willow tree and parked nearby. It was just before 4am. Jason said to meet him precisely at 4:28. No need to stand out in the cold, Jason hadn’t arrived yet.

The post sat on the passenger seat of the ’98 Corolla. Kevin ran his hand over it. Cold. He lifted it from the seat. Heavy. He had cleaned it thoroughly both times he had used it, but he shouldn’t have kept it. Not smart, fictional boy, not smart.

He found it by accident. Meg was drunk – she was always drunk – and blathering on about her newest book being a raving success. Accolades abounded. They were sitting on the park bench where the body was eventually found.

He spied the post on the ground a few feet away. It was one of those metal fence posts made to be driven into the ground, but it had rusted and was just a few feet in length. Without a word he walked over, picked it up and then positioned himself in front of her.

He pummeled her until her faded black cardigan was wet with blood and gore, her smug face unrecognizable. It gave him a rush. It gave him satisfaction. It shut her up. It was fascinating, really, to see the insides of a person’s head.

He liked to imagine what it was like for that jogger – some lady in a too perfect outfit – finding Meg, one of her eyes still hanging by a nerve. It made him smile.

The second time was less fun but exhilarating none the less. He actually liked Dr. Shell. But he made a mistake, connecting with her in real life. She was the only one who knew the Superman behind his blog’s Clark Kent. Now, before meeting Jason, she had to go. No loose ends.

Someone would likely find her body in the morning, if her rescue dogs didn’t eat her first. The thought gave him a chuckle.

Jason had arranged this all online. They had bantered, quipped and joked. Kevin hid his loathe behind funny comments. Eventually, Jason wanted to meet in real life. Maybe grab a coffee.

In truth, everything Jason wrote made him seethe. He hated how Jason had manipulated his way to “wordpress fame.” More than 50,000 followers for his trite, uninformed “opinions.” Why did people laud him so? His thoughts, his writing were pedestrian. Nothing to be excited about.

Kevin smiled to himself imagining how one blow from this post will drop him. He will be on his knees, blood trickling down his face, looking up at Kevin.  Wondering what the hell was going on. The second blow would take him out. Dozens more will finish him.

Kevin’s phone said 4:25. He saw Jason arrive, park and get out of his car. Kevin exited the Toyota and walked toward the tree, arriving just as Jason walked up.

“We finally meet.” Jason held out his hand for a shake, then saw the post. “What do you have there?”

“Just a post. A guest post.”


Apologies to those mentioned in the above. I set out to write something funny to respond to Jason’s post about not accepting guest posts and it took a dark turn. I truly love you all. Except Tommy, that guy’s a dick.





51 Comments on “The Post”

  1. That is too funny!! Love it!

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  2. drshellking says:

    Funny, I’ve wondered about dying and being eaten by my dogs leaving little trace. I found this rather amusing.

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  3. Meritings says:

    Would Kevin like to buy some used rope and an ice pick? I know where there is some for sale!

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  4. You are one sick puppy! 😈

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  5. There he was, on the park bench, waiting for her. It was strange that he’d suggested they meet in the park on such a dreary day. She hadn’t given it much thought. She was too excited to see him. After all Kevin was one of her few writer friends. He of all people would be happy that her book had made the best seller list. As she approached, he looked up at her smiling.

    “Hey,” she said, returning the smile.

    He rose and offered her the spot where he’d been sitting since it was dry. Instead of sitting beside her, he picked something up from the ground and stood to face her.

    “You smug bitch,” he muttered, before landing the first blow.

    The first one didn’t kill her, neither did the second. Through the physical pain, her heart was breaking. She thought he’d understand. She thought he’d be happy for her. She thought he was her friend.

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  6. Reblogged this on HarsH ReaLiTy and commented:
    You get extra points for making me laugh which is a rarity online. Thanks for sending me the link and for the smile! I feel like I created an inadvertent prompt! 😉 -OM
    Note: Comments disabled here. Please visit their blog.

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  7. Very clever. And a good stategy. ☺

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  8. That was pretty interesting 🙂

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  9. Well done. I never could stand Jason. And who needs another best-selling author out there!
    Seriously—this was a riot and made me chuckle out loud at the finish. And you and Meg need to co-author something or other.

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  10. adamjasonp says:

    Wow, you really killed with this post! LOL 😀

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  11. Lori Carlson says:

    Dark and twisted.. just the way I love it 🙂 Cheers for working Jason into a great story.

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  12. […] you read The Post it is, like most of my fiction, concerned with death and gore. Dr. Meg read it and made some […]

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  13. […] you read The Post it is, like most of my fiction, concerned with death and gore. Dr. Meg read it and made some […]

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  14. […] you read The Post it is, like most of my fiction, concerned with death and gore. Dr. Meg read it and made some […]


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