Hemingway Quote on Suffering

Saw this on Reddit and thought it moving. Decided to share. I often forget behind the smiles and “fine”s and “great”s of our interactions, many are barely making it. This reminds me to be kind.


10 Comments on “Suffering”

  1. Sabiscuit says:

    What a wonderful sentiment to share, Kevin. Offering some to others when we have so little is a sacrifice many make. Have a great Saturday. xo

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  2. Xeno says:

    i’ll remember that also ^^

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  3. That’s really cool, my friend.


  4. What a loving thought going into a long weekend. We should remember this EVERY day. 💋

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  5. Glad this resonated for you, Kevin, and that you chose to share it so we could be reminded of it, too. I try to remind myself that every single person is a secret story.

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  6. drshellking says:

    This almost sounds like something you would write, Kevin. It has a texture to it.

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