Remembering Story/Article Ideas


This is what I used to look like when I wrote article ideas on my skin

This is what I used to look like when I wrote article ideas on my skin

How do you keep track of the fleeting ideas you have? You know, that idea for a funny story or a witty sentence or the number of that hot guy at Starbucks?

Are you a post-it person? A notebook aficionado? Do you write on your hand only to find illegibly marred ink stains after your night of drinking?

What works for me is sending myself text messages. I perpetually have my phone with me, and I simply stop listening to whoever is talking to me and send myself a text. Rude? Maybe, but they aren’t that interesting anyway.

The only problem I have: When I send myself a text, my phone “dings” and EVERY FRACKIN’ TIME I think “Hey, I wonder who just texted me?”

I need to work on that part.


17 Comments on “Remembering Story/Article Ideas”

  1. I tend to use the “Notes” icon on my phone. I have several pages, one for music, post ideas, grocery list (I can’t even remember my damn name some days). The text to yourself isn’t a bad idea though. The hot guy at Starbucks isn’t my thang though. Hell, I haven’t gotten somebody’s number in 25 years now. I’ve forgotten how I used to remember numbers before cell phones.

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  2. Funny!!!! I use notes on my phone too. How is that harder than sending yourself a text, Kevin? Are YOU sober?

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  3. At least you can keep yourself entertained. šŸ™‚

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  4. Craig says:

    A mix of a Samsung note phone with a stylus, sticky notes, a notebook and sometimes my hand. Really it’s whatever I have, the problem is keeping track of all the notes.


  5. Sabiscuit says:

    I send myself email a lot, too. It just makes sense. Great work, Kevin. xo

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  6. freespirit says:

    Thats a good idea, i

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  7. Lula Harp says:

    I used to be a posit everywhere person, now that is limited to work. But I make myself notes on my phone bc I do the same thing when I send myself a text… Who could be texting me at this ridiculous hour?!

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