I Like Me Best When I’m With You

Happy Couple

Years ago I was listening to a talk by Dr. Denis Waitley. He said something life changing. He wanted to be the kind of person others would say “I like me best when I’m with you.”

I grew up in a world where the significant people in my life were good at finding the faults, trying to create a perfect man.

As an adult, I wanted to be an encourager.

I set out to see the best in others and reflect back the best them, not the flaws. We all have flaws and others can be responsible to point them out. I wanted to be the one who sees the best and communicates it.

Others have commented on it. It’s my most treasured complement: “You always see the best.” I’ve had more hits than misses.

But there has been a powerfully positive unintended consequence: People often reflect positive things back to me. In finding the best in others, I found the best in me.



11 Comments on “I Like Me Best When I’m With You”

  1. This is awesome 🙏🏽

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  2. GREAT way to live your life! My has definitely been better since I met you. 🙂

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  3. Heartafire says:

    What a great feeling it would be to be that person! I love this.

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  4. Lady CAS says:

    YES, this is simply awesome! I want to be that person! I want people to see me and say you are amazing! But not because I show them or tell them but because I can live it with and through that person! My husband and I work to grow with one another. We want to be the best with each other and it’s sometimes easier said than done but I tell you it is possible. And the reward is amazing even the small ones!

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