Benz the Wonder Dog

Benz is back from two stays at the doggie hospital. He’s Waco‘s long-term companion and my friend, romantic adversary and writing partner.

He had two bouts of serious illness over the last couple months. It was touch and go. After the first I intended to publish this update, but he was soon ailing again and had to go back.

Now he’s rolling around on the bed, climbing the stairs as well as his tiny body can and sleeping in my overnight bag.

Yorkshire Terrier Benz sleeping in my overnight bag

I guess he missed me too.


25 Comments on “Benz”

  1. Glad he’s doing better.

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  2. Oh, I’m glad he’s doing better. He’s awfully cute!

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  3. drshellking says:

    I’m very pleased to see this status update. Thank you for keeping your readers apprised.

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  4. olganm says:

    Nice to read he’s doing well. Sending him my love.

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  5. nugget59 says:

    Gosh I hate when my dog is sick – and the older she gets, the more often she is sick or just not her old self. I’m glad Benz has weathered his latest troubles and hope there are many happy walks and extra large dog biscuits in his future. “Woof” to Benz! :o)

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  6. freespirit says:

    ahhhhhhhh so sweet i have a shih tzu and she looks just like that.

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  7. Glad Benz is on the mendz! Dogs add so much to our lives, it’s heartbreaking when they’re sick and can’t bitch about it like the rest of us! Glad you will be caring for him while his “mommy” is out of town! Hope he continues to improve. (He’s so darn cute!)

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  8. Glad you’re better, Benz! The doggie hospital is no fun! Millie and Pearl xx

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  9. We hope it’s a normal something, too! xx

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