Rain Run

I have a deal with myself to do at least a 1.5 mi run 3 days per week. This weekend I will be doing a 5K.

Today it was raining. And cold. Did I mention it was raining and cold?

I am trying to be accountable. I have asked Waco to mercilessly bust my balls if I don’t send her a screenshot of my workout. This week, however, I am giving her some space to spend time with her fam while we cultivate missing each other.

I was tempted to use that as an excuse to not run.

So I am posting my run pic here – in fact, I might start doing that on a regular basis so you can give me a hard time if I don’t do the run.  If you don’t see me post a run on Wednesday, feel free to fire away. The threat gives me that little bit of extra motivation to go for it again.

1.5 mi run December 21, 2015


2 Comments on “Rain Run”

  1. You GO Boy! It snowed 10″ last night, so my ass is going to stay in where it’s warm and dry. 😘

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  2. Very brave! I await Wednesday.

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