Missing Her

She hated pictures of Herself. She had learned to accept He wanted them and took far too many.

They had been having a wonderful time together. He had been spending more time at Her’s than His for the last couple months. But it was time for them to miss each other.

They had said a wonderful good-bye, both travelling for the holidays. They were looking forward to missing each other.

This morning He opened up the “Waco” folder on his computer and paced through pics of Her.  Her eyes. Her smile. Her kids. Benz. That pic She made for him on a dare. Her with friends. Ugly Christmas sweaters. Joe Bonamassa. Kayaks. Texas A&M. Troy. Renewed deck furniture. Rain.

Over a year of memories now.

Missing Her this morning felt good. Anticipation. Looking forward to a special event you know can’t come fast enough, but in the anticipation is joy.

He was happy. For Her. For Them. For the pictures.





14 Comments on “Pictures”

  1. BunKaryudo says:

    Never thought about separating and then missing someone as a positive thing before. Certainly puts a new, more positive spin on things. đŸ™‚

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    • fictionalkevin says:

      It started out last May when she sent me a postcard saying “Let me miss you” when she was about to leave the country, and cell service or internet, for 3+ weeks. At the time it didn’t seem like a good thought.

      But our relationship was in a different place then.

      Now we are communicating and honest about our feelings. Not having contact and enjoying the growing void over the two weeks we will be apart is pleasant. We’re both busy right now and knowing she’s there for me – even when we’re not talking or together – is nice.

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      • BunKaryudo says:

        That’s interesting. The longest I’ve ever been apart from my wife since we got married is three weeks. For the first day or two, I enjoy the freedom to do all the things I can’t usually do at home (have chocolate bars for breakfast, throw my clothes on the floor before going to bed at night, or whatever). Very quickly, though, I get to missing her and look forward to getting back home again.

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      • fictionalkevin says:

        Since Waco and I don’t live together, we are used to time away from one another. A change since October has been for us to spend more nights together than apart. This two week break is the longest we’ve had in months, but was pretty common before.

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      • BunKaryudo says:

        I can well imagine how being separated so much might make you appreciate the time you spend together so much more. It’s romantic. đŸ™‚

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  2. Rita says:

    Great post, Kevin. It brings back some very strong memories of a time decades ago. A strange, beautiful and necessary period of growing into who we would become as individuals and together. Thank you for that. Merry Christmas!

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  3. Hang in there! Time will past more quickly than you can imagine. Relish that ache of missing. It will make the reunion that much more delicious. đŸ’‹

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  5. […] Her He loved her, and to sleep well. These coded snippets meant a great deal to him. They would be apart for over two weeks and being tucked in by Her was warmth and […]


  6. Beautiful – love the emotions behind this post and how you both chose to live the emotion rather than suppress it!

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    • Thanks! We were supposed to be apart for almost three weeks – ending March 11. She had company, then a conference and this weekend a retreat. She asked me yesterday if I could come down Sunday instead of waiting until Fri.

      We kinda like hanging out together.

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  7. […] He knew they would be apart He would take down His pictures of Her. The wallpaper on His phone and computers changed from Her smile to something that didn’t […]


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