I Should

I should.

I would.

I could.

If only I’d.

Defeated before I begin.

An Edit…

After Dr. Shell’s comment below, possible clarification is in order.

Many beat themselves up constantly by not accepting they are good and valuable as they are. Looking to “become” lovable we often think if we just did what we shoulda/woulda/coulda, we would be worthy of love.

You are lovable. You have value. Silencing your inner critic is key to finding real self-esteem.

Hopefully this will help some.


11 Comments on “Should”

  1. No Defeat. Just different priorities. 😘


  2. drshellking says:

    We need to do ourselves a favor and eliminate “should” from our vernacular.

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  3. Professor Wild says:

    Love the comment in your edit above about “silencing your inner critic”. We all have one, and the degree to which we listen to our critic has a profound effect on how we perceive ourselves, and thus our relationships with others. The key is in learning to recognize when our inner critic has something insightful to say, and when our critic is merely spouting simple bullshit….

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