She was special.

She wasn’t perfect, neither was He. He knew and accepted She was appropriately flawed. He was as well. But maybe special meant someone whose flaws somehow matched up with your own. You could both accept and even appreciate the flaws. Maybe the flaws made special even better than perfect.

She was certainly special.

He had never met someone so complicated. Determined, smart, funny, introverted, stubborn. Somehow even the things She saw as Her flaws endeared Her to Him.

It was confusing and made no sense and was…perfect.

He wanted someone strong. Stubborn. Self-directed and self-determined. Even He had to rise to the occasion. He respected Her. He admired Her. He adored Her.

She piloted Her own ship. The most He could hope for with Her was to be at Her side – not directing Her, not “telling” Her, but occasionally advising and encouraging Her on Her voyage.

Partnership not dictatorship.

Monday night they had done the mundane. He sanded discarded furniture She would eventually paint while She walked the infinity of the treadmill. And it was wonderful for both of them. Somehow even the mundane took on a special magic when they were together.

Tuesday night they had navigated together the improving relationship with his son and his growing pains. She advised. She encouraged.


Tuesday He left to return to his ramshackle. He had work to do and tarried a little to long at Suess. But tonight, after they had texted and said their “LYB”‘s, He missed Her. Retiring to His fresh bed, complete with linens he had laundered at Her’s with Her special scent, seemed empty. He wanted to be holding her, feeling her, hearing her occasional half-snore that woke both.

He had spent more nights at Her’s in the last month than at His.

He was encouraged thinking about the weekend, and how they would be together again. He needed once again to savor Her, explore Her, experience Her, truly “see” her. It was His joy.


8 Comments on “Special”

    • fictionalkevin says:

      Thank you. I appreciate the encouragement.

      These posts are an exploration/examination of my relationship dating a girl from Waco, transplanted to Chattanooga. If you want to read more about my relationship with her, click on the tag Waco in the sidebar.


  1. Thank you for being so open about this journey. I love the paragraph about the treadmill/sanding. Finding bliss in the mundane rituals of life is what makes a happy relationship. Extraordinary in the ordinary.

    Liked by 1 person

    • fictionalkevin says:

      You’re welcome and thank you for the encouragement. Our relationship has progressed nicely through the mundane. Things we do together around her home. Things we do separately while also being around each other.

      It’s easy for me to be open about this. The feelings are intense and it moves me to write. I have trouble writing without feeling passionate about the subject. Like now – I am trying to write emails for a clients and I. Just. Don’t. Care. That’s harder. (But pays better.)


  2. Haylee says:

    This was lovely to read and having read some of your other posts I’m glad that your relationship appears to be improving for both of you. If you can find enjoyment in each other’s company, even through the most boring of tasks, then that’s a good basis for long lasting love.
    Thanks for sharing (and also for stopping by and following).

    Liked by 1 person

    • fictionalkevin says:

      It was better than I thought it was previously, but Waco was scared – and scared to talk to me about why she was scared. Things are working out. Thanks for commenting, advising and reaching out.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. […] She allows Him to see Her. Be “in” Her life, not just orbiting. Not feeling “invaded” when He cared about Her dog. Allowing Him to do the mundane with Her. Cleaning house for company. Redoing the deck. Trimming trees. Sanding furniture to be painted. […]


  4. […] She had been trying to figure out this “dating” thing after a couple decades of marriage. He had already figured it out, though He hadn’t experienced anyone like Her. […]


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