The Gift

Kissing Couple

He saw Her differently now.

She had told him for the last year. She was shy. Introverted. Didn’t want others to “see” her. Her thoughts, Her feelings were Hers and Hers alone, held close to the vest.

But she hadn’t seemed that way to Him. She was talkative. Open. She shared Her thoughts – Her hopes, Her fears, Her judgments.

Last night they went out to eat, drink and play Cards Against Humanity with some of her friends. She was beautiful smiles and laughter. But She was also reserved. Listening, observing but camouflaged behind a wall of sarcasm and ball busting. The others probably didn’t see it, but He could.

This morning He realized the powerful gift She had been giving Him these last 13 months: She had allowed herself to be seen. She had opened her mind, her heart to Him. Hopes, fears, hurts.

The depth of that gift floored Him this morning.


11 Comments on “The Gift”

  1. literally says:

    Wow. God for you for realizing what a precious gift that is.

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  2. You have been given a true gift. Cherish it, treat it tenderly and love it with all you have because gifts like that don’t come around often. đŸ™‚

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  3. This is lovely. Hope you don’t mind I reblogged.

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  4. […] She allows Him to see Her. Be “in” Her life, not just orbiting. Not feeling “invaded” when He cared about Her dog. Allowing Him to do the mundane with Her. Cleaning house for company. Redoing the deck. Trimming trees. Sanding furniture to be painted. […]


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