Busy Woman

Beeps in the morning, beeps at night.

Beeps to keep our lives aright.

Beeps for low, beeps for high.

A beep each time I touch your thigh.

A beep tells me the dinner’s done.

A beep and then it’s time to run.

That beep means a meeting’s near.

Missing one I never fear.

One beep and I know to take my pill.

Another means to pay a bill.

One more beep and it’s time to wake.

Hit the snooze, more minutes take.

One more beep, I might go insane.

Just one more, my mind’s off again.

If I could live for just one day,

Without these beeps getting in my way.

I might actually have time to live.

Giving all the love I have to give.

Free from hassle, free from care.

Smelling the roses, breathing the air.

But that life can never be for me.

I’m far too important, busy you see.

So the beeps must continue through my life.

Mechanically beeping both day and night.

And that beep means I can’t finish this prose.

That beep means it’s time to go.


2 Comments on “Beeps”

  1. LOVE this! Ad one more Beep as a reminder of how you made me smile this morning. Thank you. đŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. fictionalkevin says:

    You’re welcome.


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