Wendy’s Allen


At 5 am things become clearer.

The way She is.

The choices She makes.

She recited.

The litany of  Allen’s abuses.

Allan the drama llama.

It rang true for him.

He saw and pointed to the parallels.

She refused to see them.


Choosing to say things should “mean something.”

Like meeting her J’s.

Then going off again to pursue other men.

Choosing to share her lustful gaze for others.

Telling him it doesn’t mean anything.

Choosing to ignore texts and calls.

Not wanting to see him.

Telling him he shouldn’t read into.

“Wendy deserves respect,” she said.

Telling him her friend should dump him.

Give him his walking papers.

Not realizing she is talking about herself.

Oblivious to the hurt.

And it’s meaning.

Oblivious to the comparison.

He joked it off.

She wants her cake.

Eating his heart.

Disrespectful of the care.

One who sees her, loves her anyway.

Respect has been earned.

It is not returned.

Never words of affirmation or comfort.

She doesn’t see.


2 Comments on “Wendy’s Allen”

  1. Maybe he needs to be the one to open his eyes and see what is. The hurt will fade when the continued neglect is no longer delivered. Wishing him nothing but love and happiness, wherever it originates. 🙂

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  2. Waco says:

    And when the beautiful words are written to satisfy the needs of the voyeuristic masses; leaving the sunlight of Reality; plummeting into darkness, swimming in whiskey drenched Perceptions…

    She appropriately acknowledges her Flaws.

    And the inevitable truth that his Needs will consume her.

    And she clings desperately to the small ray of Reality.

    And leaves him to his audience.

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